Small businesses are increasingly focusing on online marketing to generate leads and orders for their business. While advertising is widely used for generating leads, usually pay per click (PPC) advertising is expensive costing GBP 1 or more for each visitor to the website. Also if the business stops spending money on advertising, the number of visitors will greatly reduce. Hence increasingly small businesses are also investing some money on search engine optimization (seo) to improve their ranking in the search engine results since this is a long term investment for the business.

Though it will usually take at least three months for the ranking of the business website to improve in the search engine, these results usually remain for a long time. The business does not have to pay the search engine for each visitor to the website, so for some businesses, seo is very cost-effective in the long term. Many small businesses do not have the staff, experience and resources for seo of their business website. Hence it is better to purchase specially designed seo packages for small business from an experienced seo agency, based on the size of the business and other factors. Typically the package has to be purchased for at least three months initially since search engines update their results periodically.

These seo packages can take care of all the important aspects of seo for a small business like

SEO audit

The website will be checked to find it whether it conforms to the search engine guidelines for design, content and other factors. The search engines will only rank websites which their crawler or robot can easily access. The website should be well designed, easy to navigate with a site map.

Keyword research

Most small businesses are selling multiple products or services, to increase their sales, so it is important to find out how the business is ranking for each of the products, services it is selling. Often the business will not rank well for some items because the website does not have relevant content or information.

Website content

One of the main factors which will help a business generate leads and orders is having high quality content on the website. The website should have comprehensive information on the services or products which it is selling, including detailed specifications, so that any person interested in purchasing the item will find the website easily

Link building

Another important criteria which determines the website ranking in search engines is the number and quality of back links to a website. Usually for similar content, the website with more back links will rank higher in search engines. Hence most seo packages are including link building, and the cost of the package will increase based on the number of back-links provided

Monthly reports

The seo agency will use onsite and offsite seo techniques to improve the ranking of the website. They will closely monitor the effectiveness of the different techniques which they are using for improving ranking, and provide a monthly report, with details of the ranking for the main keywords. This information can be reviewed to decide the seo strategy in future.