Helicopter and Aeroplane Sightseeing Flights

Enjoy a helicopter or aeroplane sightseeing flight over London, other major cities in the UK and areas of outstanding natural beauty, or if you’ve never experienced helicopter flight before try a 5-15 minute thrill and see the sights of your local area.

We offer a superb range of pleasure flights that offer a view of England’s pastures green from a new perspective. Take to the skies in helicopter tours and aeroplane sightseeing trips as part of our pleasure flights packages available across the UK. There are a number of flights that let passengers take in city sights from a new angle, spotting landmarks on the way. Alternatively, there are pleasure flights with historical significance, and others that give breathtaking views of the British landscape.

For adrenalin loving thrill seekers, we also have short helicopter thrill rides that will leave your heart pounding after an exhilarating aerial ride through the UK skies. Once reserved for the rich and famous, these helicopter rides are a taste of the high life in more than one way. Book one of our pleasure flights today as a treat for yourself, or as an unforgettable experience gift for someone else.