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SEO tips for small businesses

Small businesses are increasingly focusing on online marketing to generate leads and orders for their business. While advertising is widely used for generating leads, usually pay per click (PPC) advertising is expensive costing GBP 1 or more for each visitor to the website. Also if the business stops spending money on advertising, the number of visitors will greatly reduce. Hence increasingly small businesses are also investing some money on search engine optimization (seo) to improve their ranking in the search engine results since this is a long term investment for the business.

Though it will usually take at least three months for the ranking of the business website to improve in the search engine, these results usually remain for a long time. The business does not have to pay the search engine for each visitor to the website, so for some businesses, seo is very cost-effective in the long term. Many small businesses do not have the staff, experience and resources for seo of their business website. Hence it is better to purchase specially designed seo packages for small business from an experienced seo agency, based on the size of the business and other factors. Typically the package has to be purchased for at least three months initially since search engines update their results periodically.

These seo packages can take care of all the important aspects of seo for a small business like

SEO audit

The website will be checked to find it whether it conforms to the search engine guidelines for design, content and other factors. The search engines will only rank websites which their crawler or robot can easily access. The website should be well designed, easy to navigate with a site map.

Keyword research

Most small businesses are selling multiple products or services, to increase their sales, so it is important to find out how the business is ranking for each of the products, services it is selling. Often the business will not rank well for some items because the website does not have relevant content or information.

Website content

One of the main factors which will help a business generate leads and orders is having high quality content on the website. The website should have comprehensive information on the services or products which it is selling, including detailed specifications, so that any person interested in purchasing the item will find the website easily

Link building

Another important criteria which determines the website ranking in search engines is the number and quality of back links to a website. Usually for similar content, the website with more back links will rank higher in search engines. Hence most seo packages are including link building, and the cost of the package will increase based on the number of back-links provided

Monthly reports

The seo agency will use onsite and offsite seo techniques to improve the ranking of the website. They will closely monitor the effectiveness of the different techniques which they are using for improving ranking, and provide a monthly report, with details of the ranking for the main keywords. This information can be reviewed to decide the seo strategy in future.

Interesting facts you should know about UK phone companies

Staying connected by telephone is nothing new. Back in the late 19th century, the phone network in the UK expanded at an impressive rate, giving rise to a new national icon: The Hello Girls. This female workforce would manually connect the caller with the receiver by plugging cables into the exchange board to forward the signal to the right destination. As technology advanced, the switchboards found themselves in the middle of an automation process that ultimately led to the end of human interaction on the telephone exchange. The lack of a human workforce meant that the process of connecting phone calls could now become fairly profitable.

With this progress, came the advent telecoms billing to ensure that customers were paying accordingly for the service they received.

The original billing systems were, quite naturally, a rudimentary process of manually counting the calls and posting a paper invoice to the customer. It wasn’t for a while until the itemised process was developed and separate charges could be made depending on the time of day the call took place. Moving forward a few decades; today’s systems are a completely different story. With so many different tariffs and add-ons in the mix, it takes some pretty powerful software to control the modern telecoms billing process.

Today’s Main Telecoms Providers in the UK

Some generations find it hard to believe that there was ever a wired landline in houses. The invention of the mobile phone drastically changed the landscape, physically and metaphorically, and as we head towards the controversial induction of 5G technology in our lives, it’s hard to imagine a time when there will be any more telecoms wires entering our houses at all.

The 4 providers of mobile networks in the UK are Vodafone, 3, EE and o2. You may have a contract with or have heard of several other companies, but these are virtual providers who rent or piggyback’ on the network of the 4 main players.


Vodafone operates in 26 countries and has around 20 million customers in the UK. They currently provide nationwide 4G coverage and will naturally be integral in the 5G network from its inception. They provide a vast array of mobile and fibre optic products for home and business users. VOXI, Talk Mobile and Lebara Mobile are all virtual networks that use the Vodafone infrastructure.

Three UK

Three have expanded at a rapid pace throughout the UK over the last decade. In addition to their UK activity, they are also present in 8 other markets around the world. The major networks tend to not necessarily be the cheapest, but they are generally more competitive in the unlimited data and calls they can offer as network providers compared to the smaller, virtual networks.


EE brought together the T-Mobile and Orange networks in the UK, and are part of the BT group. Their service is available to an impressive 99.6% of the UK and they also offer 4G+ internet connection.


O2 arrived in the early 2000s and have since become a name synonymous with telecoms providers in the UK. Giffgaff, Sky Mobile, Tesco Mobile and Lycamobile all use the o2 network to provide their services.

Finance for Non-Financial professionals

Finance for Non-Financial professionals

As we all know finance, is related to the study of money and investment of it in the right place, in consideration with risks and risk factors. It is a field that every individual has to deal with, on a daily basis, hence making it a vital part of everyday business and activities in general. Finance is that field that is not just essential for students, chartered accountants and business associates, but also holds equal importance for people under non-financial professionals. For example, to handle spreadsheets, facts and numbers to strategize and prepare goals and plans with the available data.

Financial knowledge

Financial knowledge for non-financial managers

In the field of business, finance is a crucial aspect that increases the managerial and decision-making skills of professionals and individuals. Professionals equipped with high financial status and background are said to be efficient in managing day to day business scenarios and are also capable of making good decisions.

Financial knowledge is imperative to understand the growth and goals of a company, which includes contacting the company’s financial team to get updates and understand the procedures etc. The ability of a non-financial professional to understand the needs and financial information of a company will aid in understanding the acquisition and allocation, which enhances communication among the financial team of the firm or business. The primary importance of learning the financial model for non-financial professionals is:

  • Better analyzation of financial statements
  • Understanding the nature of costs and ways for the betterment
  • Better decision making capability
  • They are opting for the best suitable financing needs.

How to endow the basic financial understanding

The company mostly provides a basic understanding of the financial needs of a non-financial working professional. Companies like KPMG, Henry Harvin and many more, conduct programs that last from weeks to months, to understand the basic structure of finance. The critical aspect of such programs include

  • Understanding the effects of finance and financial models on business objectives
  • Provide valuable insight into essential financial areas.
  • Familiarity with the form, content, accounting principles and strategies.
  • Highlights the importance of variance analysis and cost control in an organization

Such programs are especially useful for

  • Business owners
  • High or mid-level managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers of corporations or societies



Teaching finance for these above mentioned non-financial professionals is a great way to enhance their skills and abilities, especially if the company emphasizes leadership skills and decision-making abilities. Instead of signing and skimming through the papers and documents blindly, managers can actually understand the financial process, which is good for their career growth as well. Although, it is a work looked after by the accountants and the financial experts of a firm, enlightening the non-professionals in this field will help them to better interact with the financial teams of the firms and also with the accountants. This will provide a better idea about the cost market and the working of it. Managers will also develop the ability to foresee a problem in future, and help them keep such hurdles at bay.



Meditation Walks and Their Benefits

Meditation Walks

In today’s world, it is less often that we see people choosing travel by foot over a car drive or a bus ride. Even the fitness freaks aren’t too concerned about walking now as they are more focused on getting shredded. Not many people like to walk due to the misconception that it has less effect on the process of heating out calories. Walking has a lot of other benefits besides the impact on blood circulation and other health issues. It is an activity that puts your body into physical strain, thereby letting your body release the unwanted fats and calories that are likely to settle. However, walking is not just that; it also is a form of meditation according to Buddhism, and it has plenty of benefits. You will be able to feel more serene and grounded by doing it, and a completely different atmosphere begins taking form.

What is Walking Meditation?

Walking meditation is the kind in which you walk back and forth in a straight line, circle, or a labyrinth. Depending on the technique you choose to use, the speed and distance you walk can vary. Many of the practitioners do this in between the seated meditation sessions. The different types of walking meditation include kinhin, vipassana, and Theravada. Some of the techniques used can be easily understood while the complex ones are broken down into six parts so that learning and practicing becomes a cinch. Adding mantras and breath control to your meditation can be a good way of augmenting the effect.


Benefits of Walking Meditation

1.      Boosting of Blood Flow

People who are subject to long sessions of sitting through their work must try the walking meditation since it will pump blood to all parts of your body, especially your legs. Sluggishness or stagnancy can be reduced by practicing this.

2.      Digestion Improves

One of the best ways to aid proper digestion is walking after meals. If you are feeling heavy or full, a session of this meditation can help your digestive tract to function more efficiently. By walking after your meals, you can also prevent chances of constipation.

3.      Reduction in Anxiety

Many studies have proven that walking can be effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety and stress when it is combined with meditation. If you want to lower the levels of stress in your mind, adopting this method can help you. All participants experienced a reduced stress level after walking, but the ones who meditated before or after walking had a greater impact.


4.      Improved Blood Circulation and Sugar levels

Buddhist-based walking meditation proved to have a positive effect on the blood circulation and sugar levels in diabetes patients.

5.      Reduction in Depression

As you grow old, fitness and mood are likely to decline; so, you need to stay active at all times. Regular exercise is required for adults due to these reasons. The people who practiced walking meditation had fewer symptoms of depression than the ones who weren’t into any form of workout or walking.


Small Business Investment Ideas to Stay Afloat During the Covid-19 Crises


As the COVID-era progresses, businesses tend to garner more risks through which they need to find a way to earn profits. While established business enterprises require a couple of strategies for the same, startups and other small businesses can view this as an opportunity to create a difference in the market. They can introduce their products into the market and help people get used to faster solutions. Since the crisis will not go on forever, you will always have long term benefits once things go back to normal. As a result, we are here to talk about small business investment ideas that you need to consider at the moment.

1. Homemade Goods

Homemade goods

Selling homemade goods speaks about the true essence of authenticity as people are more and more exposed to a different range of products. Due to that, when local ingredients enter the market at low prices, everyone will view it as an opportunity to reduce their expenses. As a result, you should bring together the right set of resources to sell homemade products. The theme or nature of the product can be based on your choices, provided they remain under a specific budget.

2. Online Tutorials

The period of quarantine provides a lot of free time for individuals. So when you fill out that space with something interesting, people will be encouraged to come ahead and accept the same. Thanks to the digital era, you can carry forward the activity in the form of online tutorials and other such classes. You can share your knowledge about a particular subject or task and inform people about the different ways to spend their day. So think about what you’re good at and spread the word around with the help of social media.

3. Organic Farming

Organic Farming

The world is getting used to the many benefits and advantageous factors of organic farming. Thanks to that, a growing form of demand is quite visible in the market. So if you’re willing to catch hold of the same, then things will begin to work out for you. Starting up organic farming is quite simple and can be carried forward even in your backyard. But before you do so, make sure to conduct research and understand more about the produce and also about the different programs that the government offers on this front.

4. Blog/YouTube

Being a blogger or a Youtuber is turning out to be the right path for your career, as numerous individuals have succeeded. By either talking or creating content on different subjects, you can proceed to attract people and help them understand all that you’re offering. In this manner, you can create a unique form of appeal that manages to kill boredom during the period of quarantine. Hence think about the same and move ahead to implement it.


The Need for Personal Investment Apps

Investment Apps

Over the years so many things have changed in the financial market, and some of them are quite visible. One of the most significant changes that have happened in the world is the introduction of the internet and then the invention of the android. The android market is one of the booming markets in the world. The businesses have realized the potential in the market and have invested in the market. Many of the financial companies are making good use of android apps, and you no longer have to find how to invest. You can simply download an app, and start investing.

Low-budget investment:

If you have done normal investing, you know it can be costly. You have to pay the fee to the advisors and some regulations need to be followed. The investment apps that you download on your phone are good-to-go and allow you to start from scratch meaning you can start investing with a very low budget. Many of the apps will allow you to start from nothing.



The introduction of mobile apps has been a beneficial step for every industry, especially the financial ones. This has made the industry more available to every android user. The integration of technology in the financial market has helped the investment grow. Not just has it helped the industry but also the investors. One of the best things about these apps is that you don’t have to purchase shares as a whole, but you can buy even a fraction of a Share. This is what is not available through offline investing. When it comes to beginners, this is one of the things that attract them.


In the world of finance, nothing is for free. You have to pay commission for everything, and as far as Investment commission is concerned, that is hefty, but in an Investment App, there is no such thing. You can find various applications that will allow you to invest from the zero balance, and most of the apps cut the commission fee to the bare minimum.


This is one of the most important benefits of using an app. It will put you in control of your actions, and make the investment as easy as possible. Human interference is absent, and there are no intermediaries. Having said that, you can do it yourself. All you have to do is decide and click on the right option.


Updating, secure, and information:

When you are in a financial market, everything matters. You have to stay connected to the market and get notified of the regular developments. This is easier on the Personal investment app. They notify you about the market, inform you about the potential markets, and are highly secured.


There are various benefits of downloading a personal investment app. One of these things is that it has made investing easier, and much educated. You can use the app to get informed about the market and make sure that you are investing in the right place.


Top Things to Reconsider Before Hitting the Road

Road travel

Going on a trip brings in the right dose and excitement and thrill. Be it with your friends or family; you will always look to make things memorable by visiting the right places, performing activities and taking part in the feeling of adventure. While all these aspects sound amazing, there are a bunch of things that you need to remember. These so-called things should always be reconsidered before beginning the journey to your destination. So to help you out on this front, here are the top things that you need to reconsider before hitting the road.

1. Documents

Carrying proper documents for your vehicle is a must, and it goes without saying. Although you may have packed the same before hitting the road, it is always good to double-check. Travelling without these documents will land you in serious trouble as the entire journey will be ruined. So apart from all your luggage, always remember to think about your driving license and other essential documents that are brought into the picture according to the state’s rules and regulations.

2. The Vehicle


The vehicle that you will be using to travel should also be checked by conducting a complete service. For this purpose, you can send it to a mechanic a couple of weeks before the road trip. Let him/her know about the distance and other requirements that are going to be major highlights. The professional will be sure to set things right by checking your vehicle to ensure that it is well on schedule to hit the road.

3. Luggage

Just like documents, luggage is another department that will benefit from a double-check as a move to avoid last-minute changes. Forming a list for this purpose is the right way to move forward as it will help you recollect all that you need for the trip. So while packing, ensure that everything is according to the list by ticking them. In this manner, you can be assured about your road trip and the fact that it will never land in problems.

4. Playlist


Road trips are not complete without music as it serves as the ideal companion until you reach the destination. Moreover, music makes matters exciting and manages to help people be on alert. But raising the volume to a large extent is another move that needs to be avoided as it can land you in trouble. So form the ideal playlist and play the same by keeping control over the volume. By doing so, you will be well aware of the road and the different kinds of vehicle that are approaching. Hence, follow these steps and methods to make your road trip the best one ever.


Top Ways to Spend your Company’s First Profits

Company’s first profits

Hitting the target for the very first time calls out for celebrations, and the credit goes out for everyone who put in the right kind of effort. As the figures tend to hit your screen, you will also be hit with a number of ideas that talk about how you can spend the money. If those ways are similar to the ones that we’re going to list, then you can very go ahead and perform the same. But if they are not, you should reconsider and think about the different opportunities that you’re missing out on by reading the following.

1. Marketing

Marketing is an integral part of business, and one cannot stress enough upon the kind of factors that it brings on board. Due to that, it is essential that you think about ways to improve marketing by bringing on-board numerous solutions to countless problems. Expanding your team, purchasing new tools, training your team are few of the ways through which you can make a mark with marketing. So think about the same and analyse all that you lack in the marketing department.

2. Business Improvement

Putting money back into the business is another way through which a lot of people prefer to spend their first profits. By doing so, you will only be raising the scope to earn more and capture the potential that lies within the market. Be it infrastructure, streamlining business processes or equipment, there are a dozen ways to put it all back into the firm. Hence, evaluate the aspects and find out the region that requires immediate financial attention.


3. Workforce

Building a solid workforce or a team is critical to the overall outcome that you wish to achieve. As a result, investing in your team is an essential way through which you can make matters work. Providing them with benefits, bonuses, training, and other such activities are ideal ways to spend your company’s first profits. Considering the fact that they helped you reach this particular stage, it is always a thoughtful gesture to hit them back with bonus cheques.

4. Hiring

Using the profit as an opportunity to expand your team makes matters all the more interesting, as you get work finished in a matter of time. In this manner, you will find ways to raise the stakes on productivity and increase the levels of the outcome. So take your time and form a group of qualified individuals to look out for similar individuals who are more than capable of handling tasks and projects. By doing so, things will always head in the right direction, and you can bank on the success that you’re about to face.


Understanding APR for Mortgages and Loans


The Annual Percentage Rate on mortgages and loans may be confusing for many people. When you apply for a loan, you will find the applicable APR indicated on the Truth in Lending disclosure. Note that the APR is not the rate for your loan.

Understanding the Annual Percentage Rate and how it works is crucial as it will help you to make an informed decision when shopping for loans from various lenders. Additionally, you will also be able to calculate the actual cost of a mortgage.

If your mortgage includes mortgage insurance, the applicable premium will also be considered when calculating the Annual Percentage Rate. Mortgage insurance is a necessity if the down payment for a house is less than 20%.

The APR is not an actual payment on mortgage loans. The rate is used for comparison purposes until the closing date, which is when it is applied. After the closing, you will only pay the note rate throughout the duration of the loan.

In some cases, it does not make sense for homeowners to take mortgages with a higher Annual Percentage Rate. However, it is an ideal option for people who will repay their loans before the scheduled date through refinancing or sale.

The Calculation of Annual Percentage Rate.

Calculating the annual percentage rate involves adding the interest rate and the applicable fee. The calculation is done by amortizing the fees over the duration of the loan and coming up with a new rate.

Annual Percentage Rate

The law requires lenders to indicate the APR in the terms to help borrowers understand the tradeoff they are making between paying higher interest rates for loans and a lower upfront fee or paying various upfront fees to enjoy lower interest rates.

In some cases, lenders may offer a loan at 0% APR, which means they will not charge any fees. A 0% APR allows borrowers to save money on the interest payable. However, you may still be required to pay other types of fees.

It is possible for lenders to offer loans at 0% APR, but financial experts advise borrowers to be diligent in such cases. Some lenders offer loans at 0% APR for promotional purposes if the borrowers follow the applicable terms and conditions.

A variable Annual Percentage Rate can also be applied to a loan. If that happens, the rate changes from time to time. When you take some loans, you can tell the interest payable, the loan amount, and the duration of the loan.

A variable APR means that the current interest rate may go up or reduce in the future. The variable rates can be risky as some borrowers may think that the loans are affordable but end up paying more money than they expected.

Wrapping Up..

The annual percentage rate and affordability of the monthly payments should be prioritized when taking a new mortgage. If you choose a low down payment, you will be required to pay a higher annual percentage rate. Also, minimizing the down payment will result in higher insurance premiums.