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Zombie Experience Days

Zombie Fighting Experiences
The zombies are coming and all that stands between civilisation and the brain munching living dead is YOU! Will you survive the zombie onslaught or be converted into a walking corpse in our Zombie Events. Our Zombie Infection Experiences are not for the faint hearted and will send the adrenaline pumping.

We have some fantastic days out available including Zombie Experiences for Two People and also the Zombie Infection Experiences in Birmingham, Liverpool, Rutland or Sheffield.

Recently launched also are the Alien Adrenaline Experiences in Droitwich, check it out!!

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Why take part in a Zombie Experience Day?

It’s dark, there’s no one around except you. The streets and houses are empty, cars have been abandoned. Random fires are alight all around you. You’re hungry, cold and very tired.

Suddenly there’s a noise behind you, was it just rubble falling, maybe a rat?

You listen….silence.

Time to stand up and move on, wait…there it is again, a noise to the left of you this time. More rubble or another rat? There it is again only this time it sounded like a thud. You stand still watching, maybe it’s another survivor, maybe you should move closer and have a look? God knows you could do with a friend right now.

Slowly you start to climb over the bricks and stone which are strewn all around you.

"Hello"…..you call out timidly; "hello….do you need help?"


Zombie Battle Training

Breathing, you can hear breathing, is it you or someone else? It’s hard to tell when your heart is pounding and the blood is rushing in your ears.

You start to move the piles of rubble, your muscles scream out in agony. You need food and sleep but you know both are a long way off.

The breathing gets louder, you must be getting closer.

"I’m coming, don’t worry, just hold on."

You start to make a gap in the rubble and suddenly and hand shoots through, pale and bloodied, it reaches out for help.

Hope! You have hope for the first time in days, you’re not alone! Slowly you begin moving the bricks off the survivor. Their breathing is loud and rasping, they need air.

Eventually you manage to remove most of the bricks; just as you start on the last layer, they begin to move.

"Stay there, I’m nearly done" you call out but the person below doesn’t stop and the bricks start to tumble off them as they attempt to break free.

You step back but they grab your arm. The bricks fall away as they stand.

Blood red eyes stare at you, a face of pale white skin covered in huge gashes comes towards you. The breathing gets heavier and their iron grip gets tighter. You try to pull away but you’re too weak. Suddenly there’s noise behind you, you pull your eyes away and look around; more of these hideous creatures are coming towards you.

You try to scream but nothing comes out; cold dead hands reach out for you, clawing at your clothes and body. You’re surrounded and there’s no escape, they close in and then everything goes dark….

What a shame. If only this person had tried out one of our Zombie Experience packages, they would have known exactly what to do in this situation and would probably have walked away without a scratch.

The saying you can never be too prepared, is very true especially when talking about zombies and the end of the world (which is nigh as you know).

Our packages will offer you training in all aspects of zombie combat. Learn how to handle weapons, work as team and devise battle plans in order to take down these monstrous creatures.

Training will be given by highly skilled instructors who have fought and won against these evil creatures in the past (ask to see their battle scars).

Some of the experiences even include you becoming the zombie, hence the old saying, to know your enemy, you must first become your enemy. Learn what goes on inside their heads; experience how they fight and what motivates them (usually just human flesh).

Hand to hand combat with zombies

Held at different of locations, you will be trained in how to fight the living dead in various situations because you never know where you will be when the end of the world comes and the zombies appear. Asylums, abandoned manor houses and shopping malls are all available settings for this essential training.

Now we know you really can’t put a price on survival, so we have started our packages off at a mere £99, helping make the decision about whether to train for the inevitable zombie invasion easier for you.

Remember these experiences are not for the faint hearted; they are gory, adrenalin filled and scary as hell but no one said that the end of the world was going to be filled with rainbows and butterflies so you need to be prepared.

Come one, come all, let’s fight and destroy these creatures together!