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Thruxton (Andover, Hampshire)

An image of Thruxton (Andover, Hampshire)

The track at Thruxton is 2.4 miles long and was developed using the perimeter road from the original army air base that stood on the ground. As there is not a separate circuit for the general public, you get to experience what the professional drivers do as test your driving skills around one the UK's fastest circuits. Alongside the track is a smaller mud circuit used for the 4x4 experiences, composed of muddy slopes, deep water, twists, turns and obstacles. Flying experiences take off from the runways inside the race track.

Thruxton is easily accessible from both the M3 and M4. Once on the A303, follow signs for Thruxton Circuit only, ignore signs for Thruxton village. The 4x4 centre has its own entrance (sign posted) 100 meters before the main circuit entrance. Find Thruxton at:

Thruxton Circuit
SP11 8PW

If using a Satnav, search for Thruxton Circuit, do not use the postcode.

Visitor Info

Car parking, toilets and snack facilities are provided on site, catering for participants and spectators. The Goodwood Bar and Restaurant provides breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea and offers a limited view of the track for spectators wishing to keep dry and warm. Spectators wishing to brave the elements will be able to watch the experience day closer to the track outside.


Thruxton was first developed and used as an air base during the Second World War for the RAF and United States Army Air Force (USAAF). It was instrumental in transporting troops to and from battle and is even cited as one of the locations involved in the D-Day landing operations.

After the war the airfield was seen as an ideal location for racing, firstly with motorbikes in 1950 and then motorcar racing. In 1968 the track saw a complete renovation and was redeveloped solely for racing purposes. The new racing track was to be developed around the perimeter of the former airfield and would not use any of the runways in its design. The perimeter road was slightly altered to include the famous Club Chicane on one side and three turns on the other. The development was a success as the same track layout is still used today with the track being hailed as one of the quickest to drive on the UK racing scene.


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