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Stapleford Tawney (Stapleford , Essex)

Stapleford Airfield has a rich history of flying excellence and played an integral part in the Second World War. Ideal for hosting experiences days with its clubhouse and garden viewing area, the airfield has an all-grass runway and is well situated for flights over the Essex countryside or the city of London, being located within the M25 and close to the junction with the M11. Postcode RM4 1SJ.

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Onsite facilities for participants and spectators include the airfield clubhouse, which caters for breakfast, lunch and dinner, 364 days a year, and serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. There’s even a pool table to pass the time. Spectators can watch experiences from a safe garden seating area by the runway or from inside the clubhouse itself.

Toilet facilities are available and car parking is free, however many reviews of the airfield have suggested that parking can be limited so it may be worth allowing some extra time for finding a parking space before your experience begins.


Upon the outbreak of WWII, the RAF took on full ownership of the airfield and developed it into a fully operation base. 46 Squadron fought many battles over Norway and France, and the top secret missions that began in 1941 included Squadron 49’s charge to drop soldiers and supplies behind enemy lines in France.

The heavy military activity on the airfield resulted in it being bombed twice, firstly in November 1943 when a V2 rocket caused a 60 foot crater in the airfield and secondly, and more devastatingly, in February 1945 when 17 people were killed and a further 50 injured due to the bombings.


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