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Prestwold Hall (Loughborough, Leicestershire)

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For those who enjoy driving experiences in stunning surroundings, there can be few better venues than Prestwold Hall. The hall itself is one of the most loved stately homes in the Midlands, and the surroundings consist of farmland, parkland and a purpose built racetrack on the site of an old disused airfield. The driving experiences are within easy reach of the town of Loughborough, a short five minute drive, and less than 25 minutes from the city of Nottingham. The track was opened for driving experiences in 2003, so is one of the newer places where you can experience those fast straights and tricky turns.

While Prestwold Hall and its' grounds are used for a number of events including weddings, corporate events and Christmas parties, the racing circuit, accessed via a separate entrance, is used exclusively for driving experiences and is extremely popular because of its' versatility. The main track is 10 metres wide and 1.8 miles long, and incorporates all of the thrills and spills that you would associate with a top class racetrack. There are long straights where the driver can hit the top speeds, as well as demanding corners and a challenging chicane.

Prestwold Hall doesn't just have an exceptional race track, but two rally stages and an off road track that will excite those looking to take on the challenge of a 4x4. The rally stages are tarmac and gravel/dirt, so the challenge on each is different, and the varied experiences available at Prestwold Hall mean that the location has something to offer any lover of driving, no matter what their age. The off road track is at the side of the main track and is located in woodland, a great attraction for those looking for something a little different.


Participants and spectators are very well provided for at Prestwold. A large viewing area by the pit lane where the chicane joins the long straight provides a great vantage point from which you can see drivers changing over cars and those on the track flooring the accelerator down the straight. Food, drinks and shelter are available in the retro 1950's American style diner which is also offers great views of the circuit in comfort, out of the rain or cold during winter (or summer!) months. The rally circuit is located away from the main race track, nearer to the entrance, and provides the same comfortable facilities for participants and spectators, making Prestwold one of the most people friendly venues year round.

The range of driving experiences available at Prestwold Hall is mind boggling. There is something to suit every level of petrol head, with a number of different driving experiences including supercars, rally cars, single seaters and even experiences for junior drivers looking to pit their wits behind the wheel of a Lamborghini or a Ferrari.


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