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Mallory Park (Kirkby Mallory, Leicestershire)

An image of Mallory Park (Kirkby Mallory, Leicestershire)

Track Information

The Mallory Park circuit may be one of the shortest British permanent tracks, but the length doesn’t detract from its potential thanks to the variety of configurations and the technical challenges it poses to supercar enthusiasts.

Its history can be traced back to the 1940s, when it was used as a pony trotting circuit - and the track’s most recent incarnation broadly follows this route. It was 20 to 30 years following its inception that Mallory Park really shot to fame though, when it hosted nearly every major UK driving and motorbike competition.

Nowadays, Mallory Park’s Indy circuit stretches over 1.198 miles. Supercar fans can look forward to negotiating six corners as they drive around the circuit in a clockwise direction. Meanwhile, the GP circuit, which is longer at 2.3 miles, boasts a challenging nine corners.

Arguably, the track’s highlight is the Stebbe Straight, which can be taken really fast if the exit from Gerards is performed adequately. Probably the most technical section of track is Shaws, where motorists have to slow right down to negotiate the challenging 180-degree hairpin.


If you want family or friends to witness your supercar driving experience, you’ve picked the right circuit. Mallory Park has the reputation of being ‘the little circuit with the big view’ - revered by those in the motoring world for its superb spectator views and no visual obstructions.

Because of its location in a natural amphitheatre, visitors are able to perch on the sloping grassy banks to get the best view possible - so spectators needn’t think twice about bringing their camera.


Mallory Park is handily located off the A47 between Leicester and Hinckley. There are ample parking facilities available, some of which overlook the circuit - meaning visitors can watch proceedings from their own vehicle, if they so wish.


Visitors to the Mallory Park track can take advantage of the circuit’s various catering establishments serving a variety of hot and cold snacks and drinks. The breakfasts at the Lakeside Diner have been voted the best at any race track.

Where to stay

Should you wish to visit for more than a day, there are a number of hotels and bed and breakfasts a short drive from the track, while the Windmill Inn and Brascote Restaurant is located in nearby Newbold Verdon, just one mile from Mallory Park.

If your supercar experience is in the summer, there are camping facilities at the circuit, behind the Coach House. This is free of charge when there is no major racing event occurring.


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