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Bruntingthorpe (Lutterworth, Leicestershire)

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Track Information

The choice of circuits available at Bruntingthorpe includes a full track length of 4.2 miles, and a half-track with a length of 2.1 miles. The 2.1-mile track is ideal for beginners looking to tackle the track for the first time, as well being challenging enough for the more experienced drivers among you and is the one used for driving experience days at Bruntingthorpe. With a fabulous long straight, several corners to focus the mind and just grass to run off onto if you get a bit our of shape, this circuit is perfect for driving experiences.

The full-length track has fewer corners and the straight is huge, meaning that the top speeds can be reached as you put the pedal to the metal. Once you hit the end of the straight you will encounter a sharp left-handed turn that requires a little careful negotiation, as well as a couple of 90 degree right handed turns. Bruntingthorpe is a wide track that is ideal for a first driving experience day, as well as being a great place to learn about cars for youngsters.


The spectators on driving days at Bruntingthorpe can watch the action from the side of the track, close to the action but a safe distance away. Food and drink is occasionally available from catering vans and there is a canteen that is open on weekdays providing hot and cold food, as well as drinks. So why not get yourself down after the experience for a bite to eat and a hot mug of tea or coffee to warm you up? There is also a small toilet block for public use. The circuit is located just six miles from junction 20 of the M1, and there are adequate car parking facilities available.


The site was built in 1942 as a World War II airfield, and was also used after the war for testing jet-engine aircraft. The US Air Force used Bruntingthorpe as a bomber base from 1957 to 1962. The facility is now privately owned by C Walton Ltd, and provides a variety of services including vehicle storage and testing, as well as being used for a variety of different events, including driving experiences. As well as being used by Top Gear, the Channel 5 television show, Fifth Gear, regularly uses the circuit for filming.

Bruntingthorpe also boasts a Cold War aircraft museum, that holds open days showing the aircraft off, and was used in 1996 by the Civil Aviation Authority, and the Federal Aviation Administration to test the effects of on board explosions on aircraft.


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