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Dolphin and Whale Watching for Two

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This is an amazing experience to share. See whales, dolphins and other sea creatures in their natural habitat. This sightseeing boat trip is a wonderful experience never to be forgotten!
Available at 3 Locations

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In Brief

  • Species you might encounter at the Cornwall location include common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, minke whales, basking sharks, and Risso's dolphins.
  • Species you might encounter at the Scotland location include harbour porpoise, bottlenose dolphins, minke whales, common seals, grey seals and sea birds.
  • Species you might encounter at the Wales location include harbour porpoise, sun fish, grey seals and bottlenose dolphins.

What happens on the day?

Enjoy the excitement and adventure of watching whales and dolphins at sea. There are three great locations across England, Scotland and Wales where you can discover and watch whales and dolphins in their natural environment, and not playing to the galleries. No hoops, no buckets of fish, no nonsense, as you get to study and enjoy the animals in a safe location, going about their business naturally.

From location to location, the wildlife will vary as they will with the time of year. The experienced guide knows the waters and the wildlife, and will read the signs to help guide you to the best areas to observe the wildlife.

There are no guarantees on this trip, but that adds to the excitement as your guide uses all his experience to locate the big fish .Using their skills and years of experience, they'll help track down the bottlenose dolphins, minke whales, and grey and common seals that are to be found around the coasts of Great Britain.

Discover some of the great wildlife to be found around the shores of this country and learn about the dolphins and whales while in their natural habitat.

What else do I need to know?

  • Your voucher is valid for 10 months.
  • This experience is for two people.
  • Please note that trips only operate Apr-Oct in Scotland and Wales and late March-Nov in Cornwall. All dates are subject to change dependent on weather conditions.
  • The trip lasts for two hours and passengers are asked to arrive 30 minutes before departure. Pregnant women and heavily overweight customers cannot be accommodated.
  • Trips are very popular in the summer so please allow plenty of notice for booking.
  • Please dress warmly and wear low flat shoes.
  • Life jackets are provided.
  • If your trip is cancelled due to weather you will be re-booked for another suitable date.
  • At the Cornwall location, a maximum of two vouchers may be used per group.


Where can I do it?

Scotland: Ross-Shire (Cromarty)

South West: Cornwall (Penzance)

Wales: Dyfed (New Quay)


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