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Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

It’s that time of year again when your Dad insists he doesn’t want anything (unhelpful), and your Grandad, boyfriend, husband or brother tells you he doesn’t need anything (irritating), but what they don’t know is that the gift world has changed. It’s bigger. Better. Full of manly things like supercars and tanks and bi-planes. Surprise them this Christmas and put them behind the wheel, in the cockpit, face to face with their sporting heroes! Perhaps arming your World War II mad grandpa with a Chieftain Battle Tank isn’t the best idea, not when he has an aversion to handbrakes and speed restrictions, however the choice is yours and there’s something for every man, of any age, in our special selection just for him.

Here’s the low down on some of our favourites. We’ll begin with the immortal words, Extreme Dodgems Stock Car Racing. Let those words sink in. He’ll know what they mean even if you don’t. Looking skyward, there’s a special place for aerial aces on the Dambusters Tiger Moth Flight, a spectacular voyage over an historic flight path that even let’s them take the controls. The more stately thrill seeker can enter the world of steam with a Steam Train Driving Day, cap and all. Then of course there’s football. Send them behind the scenes of their team’s stadium for a glimpse of glory past and present. Check out what else is out there that could make the perfect present for him this year.

Whichever great experience you choose this Christmas for the man or men in your life, it promises to be a special and memorable day. But if you're having trouble choosing which experience to give him, then an Open Gift Voucher could be the solution! The voucher can be from £50 to £500 in value and your man can redeem it against any of ExperienceMad's fantastic experiences.