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Tiger Moth and Vintage Bi-Plane Flights

Take to the skies in a classic Tiger Moth bi-plane for a fifteen, twenty, thirty and forty minute vintage plane flight at locations across the UK including the Duxford Imperial War Museum.

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Vintage Plane Flights

Calling all plane enthusiasts! Here is an experience you will not forget as you take to the skies in some of the world’s most exciting and rare vintage planes. Any history buffs, particularly enthusiasts of Wartime history, will be fascinated by this experience as it offers a chance to fly in some of the most popular and important planes in history.

Ride across the skies guided by the safe hands of a trained pilot or, for the more adventurous, step into the shoes of some of World War II’s most gifted pilots as you fly the planes that were used during the war. Feel the weight of the plane in your hands as you become the pilot in this unique package and enjoy a rare taste of what it was really like to fly one of these iconic aircraft. The experience is tailored to you, so be as adventurous as you want. Sit back and relax, enjoying the ride in this historic plane.

As you fly, be sure to take some time to look to the ground where you will also be able to view some of Britain’s most beautiful countryside, quaint villages, famous landmarks and bustling cities. It is a perfect chance to see some of the country’s past and present as you fly across the UK skies.

About the de Havilland Tiger Moth

  • The Tiger Moth is one of Britain’s most iconic and popular planes. Created in the 1930’s and used by the RAF right up until 1952, the Tiger Moth had a vital role to play in World War II where thousands of pilots received training at the lever of this aircraft. Up to 350 Tiger Moth planes were fitted with bomb racks in order to be used to help fight during the war. The two-seater plane could reach speeds of up to 109mph and most Commonwealth countries have, at one stage or another, used the Tiger Moth as an integral part of military preparation and reconnaissance. The Tiger Moth had a huge part to play in Britain’s history and a chance for a ride in this historic monument should not be missed.

What can I expect from the experience?

When you arrive at your chosen location, you will go through a safety briefing and you'll be introduced to your aircraft.

Once the formalities are out the way, jump in and take off as your adventure begins. From here on out the experience will be whatever you want it to be. Go slow and enjoy the scenery, put the plane through its paces in a fast paced, adrenaline-soaked ride or take a turn at the controls as you get into the cockpit of a real military plane. It is all up to you.

Vintage plane flying experiences are available across the country. Check out the Location list at the bottom of this page for the full up to date list.

Prices are reasonable and you should expect to pay between £100 and £400, depending on the length of your experience. You can choose from a shorter 20-minute flight right up to a one-hour adventure, where you will really get a feel for the flying machine in all its glory.


This is an experience like no other, as you get the chance to set foot in a genuine piece of British engineering history. Even better is the fact that you may even get to fly these magnificent machines, having the chance to see what it was like for a real World War II pilot. Treat yourself to a slice of British history with this thrilling and awe-inspiring experience.