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High Speed Passenger Rides, Track Experiences

Take a high speed passenger ride
Treat someone to a high speed white knuckle passenger ride in a Rally Car, Caterham, Lotus Elise or the rip roaring Radical SR3 on race track circuits across the UK.

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Guide to High Speed Passenger Rides

What, no driving licence?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you do not have a driving licence the excitement of our driving packages are not open to you. With our High Speed Passenger Rides anyone can experience the thrill of going at breakneck speeds around a race track whilst in the luxury of a top supercar.

Maybe you do have a driving licence but the thought of taking such expensive supercars around a track at high speed is a little bit daunting for you, then why not just sit back, hold on and let one of our professional drivers take you around at top speed and show you how it really should be done.

With prices starting from a mere £29 and with various locations situated around the UK, the chance to enjoy a high speed blast is probably more accessible than you may think. So if you know someone who has always had a need for speed but maybe isn’t able to take part in a full blown driving experience, then a High Speed Passenger Ride may be just what they’re looking for.

Suitable for kiddie winks!

These exciting experiences are also available to children; the minimum age varies on each package, one even allowing those as young as 7 years old to take part but just keep an eye on the packages with a minimum height requirement, we want the children to be able to see where they’re going so they all need to be of a certain height, usually over 4’10”. Participants will also be required to wear a helmet for their own safety but this just adds to the fun and authenticity of the whole experience!

Which cars are used?

Cars such as American Mustangs, Corvettes, Lotus Elise, Caterham and a Radical SR3 are all available for you to choose from; each one offering their own unique experience and with a fully trained, experienced driver at the wheel, you will really see what these cars are made of and why they are so well known and loved in the supercar world.

Can my friends come too?

Friends and family are welcome to come along and watch you during this amazing experience, cameras are welcome and most venues also have photographers there on the day as this is definitely a moment you’re going to want to capture!