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Military Vehicle Driving

A fantastic army experience packed with military vehicles that will blow your mind!
South East: Hampshire

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In Brief

  • Briefing and Tuition
  • Drive at least 2 military vehicles which may include an Armoured Personnel Carrier, Lance Missile Carrier or a Humvee!
  • Hampshire includes a quad bike ride.
  • The number and types of vehicles vary between locations but all venues guarantee to get you into two vehicles as a minimum. Activities also vary.
  • Refreshments available at some venues.
  • Northamptonshire includes a side show and you will be provided with camouflaged overalls!
  • Bristol provide a military uniform to wear for the experience.
  • Allow 3-4 hours at the venue.

What happens on the day?

Army training and expeditions can be extremely exciting and enjoyable, but obviously very few people actually want to engage in war to do them. It is actually possible to have all the fun of Army adventure without any of the danger by taking a Military Vehicle Driving Experience and this is the perfect way to live out your dreams of controlling the world’s most impressive Army vehicles.

The Military Vehicle Driving Experience is the ultimate Army day out. You will be given the opportunity to drive a minimum of two amazing Army vehicles as well as engaging in SAS woodland patrols and other army adventures.

The choice of vehicles will depend on the location that you choose, but generally you will be picking between the Armoured Personnel Carrier, a Lance Missile Carrier or even a Humvee. Whatever army patrol vehicle it is that you get to drive, you are guaranteed to get the thrill of your life. These vehicles are so powerful and strong it will undoubtedly be an experience that you will never forget.

To drive these vehicles you will require safety and technical training before you begin. This will be given to you, along with some refreshments, and then you are ready for the action to begin; it will be a day of adrenalin filled fun.

What else do I need to know?

  • Your voucher is valid for 10 months.
  • The experience runs on selected dates, please enquire upon booking.
  • The minimum age is 16.
  • The minimum height is about 5'2" and the maximum 6'5 ".
  • Maximum weight is generally 18 stone.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that can get dirty and wellies.
  • There is a £10-£15 spectator fee which includes at least one ride in a vehicle.


Where can I do it?

South East: Hampshire (Romsey)


Great military funReview by Richie Field, Unknown
A great day if you love things military-related, my boyfirend was in the zone! It was a great chance for him to chat with ex-squaddies and learn how to do clay pigeon shooting, but of course his favourite bit by far was the tank. I was able to take some awesome photos and I had a pretty fun day myself as well. Not just for the lads!

Location: Unknown

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