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Tank Driving and Military Vehicle Experiences

Drive a Chieftain tank
Drive a tank, six wheeled Stalwart, armoured personnel carrier and other heavy track military vehicles on purpose built courses designed to challenge your tank and military vehicle driving skills. Take the controls of a Chieftain or Abbot tank at locations across the UK.

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Guide to Tank Driving

There is a range of amazing military packages that give you all the thrills of being on the front line, whatever your specialist interests are.

From the exciting new tank paintball battles to taking control of a 56-tonne Chieftain tank for a full day, packages have been put together to suit all occasions, from a fun day out through to a serious session on the battlefield for the most committed.

With venues across the midlands and throughout the south, you won't be too far away from an exciting day out, challenging your nerve and decision-making across some great courses that have been adapted to recreate the challenges of the battlefield.

But how much does it cost?

The packages are very competitively priced, with deals starting at under £100 for paintball. For the really serious, there’s the option of a stamina-testing full day with a Chieftain tank at Helmdon in Northamptonshire for around £250.

I just want to have some fun

The paintball by tank sessions are proving very popular, bringing a new dimension to traditional paintball days out. Being part of a team, steering a tank around a World War II style battleground certainly helps bonding as you become increasingly economical with the massive paint bombs. Everyone will be taught how to drive the tank over the testing surface and how to deal with attacks in great head-on battles with your opponents.

Taking control of a 17-tonne FV432 armoured personnel carrier is no mean feat and gives a great deal of satisfaction, as you learn the basic skills required to keep the tank under control before heading out onto the battlefield. As with all of the options available, you'll be presented with a certificate of achievement.

What about stepping up from paintball exercises?

The Tank Driving Experience allows you a greater amount of driving time and is more serious than the paintball side of things. With four different vehicles to test out, ranging from a Chieftain tank to a quad bike, you'll have to be flexible to adapt to the differing challenges of this test. If it is tank driving that is really your thing, then a half-day introductory session will tick a few boxes.

For less than £200 you will be introduced to a Russian Gvozdika tank, a 432 Armoured Personnel Carrier and either a Humvee or Lance Missile Carrier by one of the instructors who is likely to have served in either the Falklands or the Gulf. At all of the locations for this exciting activity you'll get to learn about and enjoy the demands of taking control of a tank, and get a real feel for the power of driving a tank and also the isolation and discipline involved on the battlefield.

With a choice of venues and variety of vehicles at your disposal, you can select from a number of different tanks or just go along to your closest centre and experience the tank that's available on the day.

And how about really getting into the firing line?

Affectionately known as ‘The Full Monty’, for around £250 you can enjoy a never to be forgotten day experiencing the different demands of FOUR different military vehicles. Hosted at Helmdon in Northamptonshire you'll be given the lowdown on everything involved in modern warfare, including a full briefing on modern anti-terrorism techniques, with SAS-style training also included.

With appropriate camouflage chosen, nothing is left out as you get to experience the realities and challenges that are everyday occurrences on the battlefield. Putting on your gloves, overalls, goggles and safety helmet gives a real appreciation of what the combat zone is like with the military-trained instructors ensuring that the high standards with which they were raised are maintained. Unlike film and news clips, the courses are set in reality - damp and wet underfoot conditions frequently test your endurance as much as the tanks and military vehicles.

With the action starting first thing in the morning, you'll be relieved to know that lunch is usually included in the package, with the day running through until it starts to get dark in the evening. You’ll also be keen to get your hands on the snacks that are also available. The thrill of action, the fear of danger and the cover of secrecy all combine to create a unique atmosphere where your instinct for survival becomes finely tuned, as you are transformed far from your comfort zone.

This course is strictly for the dedicated. It is far from an office outing or bonding trip and is for those that want to experience the cutting edge of military life; often gruelling and at the cutting edge with danger ever present. Testing your stamina to the full, completing this course will give a great feeling of satisfaction as well as a great insight into the reality of modern combat.

Which option should I go for?

We can't tell you which option to take, with so much to choose from in terms of activity, location and price there's something for everyone with a liking for military challenges.

What we can promise is a memorable day that challenges you to the full. From the tank paintball through to the ‘Full Monty’, your outing will be planned with military precision. Every aspect of each option is carefully put together and constantly reviewed to ensure that visitors are getting the best possible service and value for money.

At all locations you will get a full briefing about what to expect and a complete safety rundown. While ensuring as much excitement and thrills as possible, corners are never cut and compromise on safety aren’t made, although in all activities there is inevitably an element of risk involved.

The tank paintball exercises are increasingly popular with groups enjoying the camaraderie and team building aspects involved, with the tank providing an exciting new dimension to the long established excitement of traditional paintball challenges. The other, more advanced, courses appeal to all sorts of people, from the military orientated to those that like to test and extend themselves.

For satisfaction, excitement and a great day out there’s something for everyone priced just right to create lasting memories.