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Supercar Driving Experiences

Drive a supercar
Get behind the wheel of some of the most desirable supercars in the world with our supercar driving experience days. Take to the track for high speed action in cars such as a Ferrari, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Audi R8, Porsche, Lotus Elise or Exige, Ariel Atom, Nissan GTR....the list goes on. From supercar tasters to 10 car ultimate supercar days, these make the perfect gift for any petrol head.

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Buyers Guide to Supercar Driving Experiences

To help simplify the options, and make the decision easier, we have assembled all the information you need in our simple 4 step Buyers Guide to help you decide which Supercar experience best fits the bill.

Although no 2 experiences are exactly alike, they all share a similar structure. The experience normally begins with a safety briefing, followed by a familiarisation lap. Then it’s your turn for some high-octane laps behind the wheel. The experience is wrapped up by a certificate presentation, and sometimes a photograph or, for those willing to hand over control, a high-speed passenger lap.

One car, two cars, three cars, more

Vehicle selection

For most people the cars are the stars and that’s all that matters. We’ve got the full list, and if more than one catch your eye, or you’re not sure which supercar someone else would prefer, you can leave the option open with a voucher that lets the recipient choose.

Ariel Atom

The Ariel Atom is in our supercar section but it’s not really a supercar. It is, however, phenomenally quick and with no windscreen may leave you requiring a new passport photo.

Aston Martin

The DB9 and Vantage take precedence, with some experiences including the classics, the DBS and Volante. How very British, well, not everything is made in China.

Audi R8

Sister to the Lamborghini Gallardo, it shares many of the nuts and bolts, but it is definitely not a Lambo with an Audi badge. This is a beautiful car with more refined and car-like handling, making it a friendlier but no less engaging car to drive.


It might only take one Ferrari to make you happy, but our selection includes the 360, 430, 458, 550, 575, 355 or classic 308QV, all providing the challenge of handling the power and speed of this Italian supercar.


The Gallardo, so fast the Italian police have 2 and use them for organ transportation; hang onto your hearts when driving this 192mph supercar. Or the Murcielago, a higher spec 640bhp model that will get you to 60mph in 3.3 seconds, but we’re sure you won’t stop there.

Nissan GTR

As with most Japanese supercars, this one is all about speed. It is super fast and enormous fun to drive.


The Porsche model numbering system has mystified people for generations; we’re still rather mystified to be honest. We all know where we are with a Porsche Boxster or Cayman, but a 996, 997, 911, 911 Turbo, GT2 or GT3? Rest assured all are capable of becoming your firm favourite.

Location, location, location

Where to go

If a prestigious race track is the order of the day then be prepared to travel, and for most that is no problem if it means they’ll be able to follow in the wheel tracks of their racing heroes. Or a lower profile, more local track might impress, especially if it’s been purpose built for experience days, and those of us who tell our friends we’re the Stig.

Here are a few highlights from our most popular tracks:

  • Silverstone gives you the chance to recreate the magic of your favourite Formula 1 drivers on this famous Northamptonshire Grand Prix track. Hammering it down Hangar Straight and braking into Becketts Corner, Silverstone is a favoured choice by our customers.
  • Brands Hatch, a historic Kent track, is another popular choice for it’s variety and notoriety. With the challenging Druids Corner and Brabham Straight, your driving skills will be put to a real test.
  • Chobham, the Surrey location, is a popular choice in the South East. Located at an airfield, this 2 mile track has the straights and bends to make for a thrilling drive.
  • Elvington, near York, is a perfect airfield venue for supercar novices. With some impressive stretches straighter than Hugh Jackman, it’s a great chance to gather some serious speed. There’s even more locations to choose from, up and down the country; when you’ve found the experience you want, just click the locations tab for a list of venues.

Or, if you know where, and the question is what, use the filter search or advanced search facilities to create a list of what’s on offer.

Value calculator

The cost

Typically the more cars you drive, the more prestigious the venue and the more laps you complete will raise the price; where as taking a single car for a spin, (albeit very fast), on a weekday instead of a weekend, and in favour of a less famous track, will lower the cost.

We’ve rustled up some examples of exhilaration for every budget:

For £75, take the open-topped and fiery Ariel Atom Experience. This package is available most weekdays, includes around 6 miles (3-4 laps) of driving and is available at 5 locations.

Helpful hint 1: Most weekday experiences provide the option for the voucher holder to upgrade to a weekend date for a small fee payable directly to the track (usually about £25).

For £149, fulfil a dream with Double Supercar Driving at Brands Hatch. Choose 2 supercars from an impressive selection at this world famous venue.

Helpful hint 2: Generally you’ll cover around 6 miles in each car so the multi-car experiences work out as better value than doing several of the individual driving experiences.

For £369, and real petrol-heads, a Five Supercar Driving with Passenger Ride gives a choice of 11 venues, the pick of up to 13 supercars and a thrilling passenger ride in a performance car.

The only limit we don’t have is on speed

Restrictions to consider

Alas, the sky is not the limit with supercars; there are some restrictions to be mindful of. All of the experiences have certain height, weight, age and driving license requirements. These are stipulated on the experience descriptions so check them carefully.

Height and weight restrictions are all about getting you into the vehicles comfortably. Some of the cars have, for safety reasons, bucket seats and minimal adjustment of the seats, which limits the range of people who can drive the cars comfortably.

Most venues accept drivers who possess a full and relatively clean UK driving license (or international equivalent) while some of the more prestigious circuits are more fussy and only accept drivers over 21 years of age who have held their license for several years. The details for each experience will say what the requirements are for each location.

Overseas driving licence? If you can legally drive a manual car on UK roads this is acceptable.

Under 17? Junior drivers are catered for at several venues, just click Junior Driving.