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Subaru Impreza Driving Experience Days

Drive a Subaru Impreza WRX on a rally course or race track at locations all over the UK. Super car packages also available including the Subaru Impreza with gift vouchers valid for up to 10 months.

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Guide to Subaru Impreza Driving Days

How much? Where? How long?

Subaru Impreza Experiences start in the region of £50 and go up to just shy of £500; we have packages to suit your needs and budget with courses and tracks across the country. From Yorkshire through the midlands to Shropshire and Buckinghamshire, there's a choice of great cars and courses to recreate the most exciting driving conditions.

You can have around 20 minutes behind the wheel in the Ride and Drive Experience, which can be undertaken at Elvington or Great Tew, and the same amount of time in the passenger seat as our experienced driver shows you the full capacity of the car. Also, at Prestwold Hall in Leicestershire for a few hundred pounds you can have a full day testing your ability on a combined rally and supercar day.

But what is it really like?

Whatever course and car you pick, the action and excitement is guaranteed. Everyone will get a proper briefing and run through about the car that they'll be using, before joining their instructor and enjoying a circuit of the track from the passenger seat.

Taking control of a high powered Subaru is no ordinary driving experience. Whether you choose to go round a track or take on a rally course, the power and quality of the car provides a unique driving experience, with power combined with comfort.

On our racing circuits you'll get timed laps to follow your progress and allow you to compare your efforts with others. Once you step into the driver’s seat and turn the ignition, you'll experience an adrenaline buzz just as powerful as the engine, as you roar into action at speeds beyond the capture of those roadside cameras.

Getting strapped into a rally car is an altogether different experience. There’s the thrill of the unknown, where only the combination of your instinct and intercom system will keep you upright and on course over punishing terrain that would shake the life out of the suspension system you left in the car park. Again the adrenaline buzz is spectacular as your driving instinct matched with the power of the car takes you over a course that will leave you wanting to relive the experience again and again.

What should I pick, rally or track?

This is one of our most popular questions and it all boils down to individual choice. Some folk want to hit the highest speeds on a track, whereas others prefer to experience the various challenges of a rally course.

Whatever you choose, you are assured of an exceptional experience. We treat both disciplines equally, with cars tailor-made for the specific demands and providing all the high quality features that the Subaru name is famous for. The cars are matched to the course that you select with our instructors experienced, knowledgeable and able to answer your questions, before deciding on which challenge appeals most to you.

On your marks:

For the indecisive drivers out there, we have driving days that allow you to drive a number of cars, so that you can enjoy at least four dynamic cars one after another. As well as the Subaru Impreza you can take to the wheel of a Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche to come to terms with real driving style and power to decide for yourself which car comes out on top. These legendary cars virtually speak for themselves, but for less than £200 you can compare the market and decide which one you'd like to take home (cough, cough).

There are several locations available but Prestwold is one of the most popular due to its' mixture of driving surfaces. It's the perfect venue for any driving experience with a custom-built race track has been designed and built, purely to achieve the highest level of excitement possible. Fast straights and high speed corners ensure that this is the case, and the 1.8 mile track is a pleasure to drive, whatever supercar you’re behind the wheel of. Add to that a dirt rally circuit and you have the perfect venue for whatever style of driving you prefer.

Get set:

Having made your choice, it’s time to get serious and experience the best in high speed excitement. After a lap with your instructor showing you the power and road handling skills of the car, it's your turn to take the wheel and enjoy the demands of top level racing. Without any other cars on the road you can scream into top gear in the blink of an eye, fly along the straights then ease back into testing bends at speeds that would get you three points on the motorway.

Get accustomed to the high spec comfort of the car and how it handles speed without blinking, tearing up the track as you make instinctive decisions, enhancing the relationship between man and machine.

Go, go, go:

If it's the rally course that you choose, we've got the perfect routes to test you with the support of any of our magnificent cars. The Subaru Impreza WRX is the most popular choice at the moment, with the appeal of this custom built rally car obvious from the moment you turn the ignition.

Subaru Impreza WRX is the turbo-charged version of the Impreza, and is renowned in the rallying world, having been the World Champion car many times over the years. Since going into production back in 1992, the Impreza WRX has gradually built up its reputation and now the blue and yellow styling has become synonymous with the car.

The Subaru Impreza WRX is available at all of our rally courses and combines all the key features that are required to handle a constantly changing rally circuit. With superb steering and suspension taken for granted, the WRX is easy to handle and gives you a great feel for the rally course. All of these features allow you to battle the route, the blind bends, the falls, the climbs and the thousand other challenges that are thrown your way.

Finishing line verdict:

Whether you go for the racetrack or the rally course, you are in for an unforgettable driving experience - totally different from the monotony of ordinary motorway driving.

As a well deserved treat for yourself or gift for someone else, these unique packages offer great value and create lasting memories. Ranging in price, there is a package to suit every budget and anyone that wants to enjoy something different in their driving.

The top of the range Combined Rally and Supercar Day is proving increasingly popular as people return to test themselves further after enjoying their first taste of true motorsport under the guidance of an experienced team of experts.