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Sphereing / Zorbing Experiences - Fun and Unusual Gifts!

Zorbing experiences
Sphereing (aka Zorbing) involves strapping yourself into a giant rubber ball and hurtling down a hill. Simple but brilliant, and now you can Harness Sphere with a friend or throw in some water for a cooling Aqua Sphering experience.

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Buyers Guide to Sphereing

Be prepared to experience a new and exciting adventure as you delve into the world of sphereing. Sphereing combines hurtling speed and gravity defying tumbling in an adrenaline-soaked experience that is sure to leave your heart racing. You enter a large blow-up ball, get strapped into the middle and brace yourself as you are rolled into a variety of exhilarating scenarios.

Sphereing can be done individually or, as two people can be strapped into a ball at one time, with a friend, making it perfect for parties, special occasions or for a group of mates to enjoy. Perhaps this can put the ‘spin’ back into your relationship as you take your partner on a wild and exciting adventure day you will never forget. Choose from a handful of different inflatable-ball experiences that include water, wind and a plunge into darkness. All experience days are available for under £100, and for that price it is an experience that thrill-seekers will be stupid to miss!

What experiences are on offer?

There are a range of different types of experiences on offer, and thrill-seekers can pick one or combine packages for a fun packed adventure day.

  • Harness Sphereing
    This is the most popular sphereing experience. You will be strapped into a large inflatable ball and chucked down a big hill, where you will reach speeds of up to 30mph. Be prepared to have your senses, as well as the strength of your stomach, tested as you roll and spin in an ever increasing decline before stopping in a dizzy, adrenaline rushed heap at the bottom of the hill. Prices start from less than £50 and locations can be found across the country.
  • Aqua Sphereing
    Are you still ‘thirsty’ for more thrill-seeking fun? Well, climb back up the hill and ask for a go in the Aqua Sphere! The preparation will be very similar to the first run, UNTIL your inflatable ball begins to fill with water! Hurtling to the bottom of the hill will then become a very different experience as the water soaking fun begins. Water will slosh and spin on and around you as you plummet to the bottom of the mount, leaving you drenched by the time you reach the bottom. It is the perfect remedy for a hot summer’s day, leaving you refreshed and pumped from the wild ride. Expect to pay a little bit more to enjoy the Aqua Sphereing package, but you certainly won’t be complaining at the end of your experience.

Where can I find these experience days?

Both the Harness Sphereing and Aqua Sphereing can be found at a variety of locations across the UK, so you won't have too much trouble finding a venue not too far from you. Available locations can be found listed on each sphereing package.

What is included in the package?

Once you arrive at your preferred location, you will be shown to your ball where a short safety speech will be given and you will be guided to your harness. The price includes the minimum of one roll down the hill, but package deals can be bought that offer a number of rolls or experiences to suit varying tastes. Ride the ball alone or take a partner for added fun and ‘safety’ in numbers. Sphereing season is typically from April to September, so be sure to plan ahead to enjoy the experience for all it is worth.

Verdict on Sphereing:

Any thrill-seeker will need to try this unique and extreme experience at least once in their lifetime, as the activity offers adrenaline-packed fun that you will never forget. Bounce, twist, roll, spin and hurtle your way towards your new favourite summer activity; sphereing is a sensation not to be missed!