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Pamper someone special with a Spa Experience

Relaxing spa days
Treat someone special to a pampering spa day at prestigious UK health club locations. Our spa days offer luxury and relaxation in idyllic settings, ideal as a gift for someone special or as a part of a head to toe pampering package.

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Health Spa Days

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be pampered for a whole day? Or maybe you just want to experience a treatment that will leave you refreshed and revitalised? Now you can, with a choice from an extensive range of Health Spa Days that are available.

Whether you want to relax for a whole day with a loved one or friend, or you want to get into shape, the variety on offer is sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated and alive. With prices starting from under £40, there is a huge choice of health spa days with something to suit every taste. So why not book one today and let someone else look after you - you deserve it.

Overview of Packages

The number of different packages is enormous, from relaxing days in tranquil surroundings, enjoying a range of treatments from experienced therapists, to indulging in an afternoon tea and a relaxation session. If you need to blow off some steam then there is something for you. So why not book one today and soothe your worries away? Prices vary depending on the package you choose, so check the details before you book.

Where can you be pampered?

The health spa days are available in a large number of locations throughout the UK, so there is sure to be something close to where you live. Or if you fancy travelling a little further afield, there are exclusive treatments available in some of the UK's most incredible locations.

Details of the various pampering experiences available

Spirit Health Clubs offer a selection of pamper days, including a pass for two in one of their clubs, where you can choose between relaxation, fitness and a mixture of both. There are mini treats available for those people who haven't much time on their hands, and even a luxury day, where you can experience a Swedish back massage and other luxurious procedures.

Bannatyne's Health Clubs have a variety of spa days available, including one exclusively for men. So if you want a massage, or you simply want to relax and chill out for the day, these choices are tailor-made for you.

If you want a choice of fabulous beauty treatments, then the Marriott Pamper Day could be just what you're looking for. With a wide range of locations available, you and a friend can relax and be treated for the day.

If simply relaxing and being pampered isn't enough for you, then why not enjoy two hours of attention, followed by an afternoon tea as part of the Spa and Afternoon Tea experience at Greenwoods or Homewood Park? Take in the breathtaking beauty of the natural surroundings and unwind.

There are loads of other options available in many locations, and with luxury hotels, castles and beautiful surroundings, the choice is endless. Relax and let your body be pampered; come away feeling like a new person.

Which pampering experience should you choose?

With such a vast choice, it may be difficult, but one thing is for sure, whichever experience you choose you are sure to get home feeling rejuvenated. So take you pick, indulge and unwind.


All health spa days have a minimum age requirement of 18, while some treatments and sessions are not recommended for pregnant women. Check the restrictions of individual packages before you book.

What benefits will you feel?

Besides feeling relaxed and refreshed, the health spa days are beneficial for general fitness. They can benefit the skin, and also help reduce stress. The use of certain facilities is also proven to be beneficial for sufferers of arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. A health spa day really is a day that will free your mind, body and spirit.

What happens before you can be pampered?

You simply need to book your chosen experience and turn up. Then be treated like a king or queen!

What happens after the experience?

You will find yourself feeling more alive and able to take on the world. A health spa experience is something that everyone should have on a regular basis. So book one now and let life's worries pass over you. Your only stressful decision is which package to choose!