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Gold Drifting Experience

With a professional showing you the ropes, it won't be long before you get the hang of drifting but remember, as tempting as it is, practising on the way home is not allowed!
East: Hertfordshire

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In Brief

  • Your vehicle - a drift prepared Mazda MK2 MX-5 1.8S.
  • 70 lap drifting experience
  • Classroom session on car control and safety.
  • With an expert instructor by your side you will attempt various drifting techniques.
  • Learn to lose traction, and perform J-turns, handbrake turns, donuts using power oversteer plus linking drifts.
  • After lunch learn techniques such as the Scandinavian flick and lift-off oversteer weight transfer dynamics!
  • Includes a high speed 50 lap passenger ride in a BMW M3.
  • This experience lasts approximately 8-9 hours with a minimum of 1 hour and 40 minutes driving time.
  • You can always upgrade to a BMW M3!

What happens on the day?

There’s nothing quite like watching film stars drifting effortlessly round corners in their beautifully pristine car, but try that on the roads of Britain and if you don’t roll your vehicle, you’ll soon have a visit from the police.

With this full day drifting session you've got a free pass to skid, slide and glide your way around our track and see just how exhilarating this sport can be! You’ll be taught all the tricks of the trade by an experienced instructor including J-turns, sliding and how to use the handbrake all in the comfort of our specially customised Mazda MK2 MX-5 1.8S.

To top off this full day of motoring madness you’ll receive a high speed passenger ride. This is an amazing full day session, that will be remembered for a long time afterwards.

What else do I need to know?

  • Your voucher is valid for 10 months for one person.
  • This experience is available Monday-Friday, excluding bank holidays, and you can upgrade to a Saturday morning for £39.
  • Sessions run from 8.30am - 4.30pm.
  • Minimum age is 17 years. Minimum height is 1.52m/5ft; maximum height is 1.88m/6ft 2ins. Maximum weight is 114kg/18st.
  • You must have a valid driving licence to participate in this event, the original of which needs to be presented on the day. No photocopies will be accepted.
  • It is advised that you will need an element of physical fitness to participate and have no health conditions that may impede your ability to drive.
  • A disclaimer will need to be signed before the experience begins.
  • You must wear suitable flat-soled shoes/trainers.
  • You should allow approximately 4 hours for this experience.
  • All dates are subject to availability.


Where can I do it?

East: Hertfordshire (Hemel Hempstead)


Full Drift Day ExperienceReview by squishydorri10, .
The staff on this day were so relaxed and easy going that all of my initial nerves completely disappeared. This was a surprise gift from my fiance and I couldn't have asked for anything better- it was unique, thrilling, and it has introduced me to the immense fun that you can have whilst drifting! Another trip will definitely be on the cards soon.

Location: Hemel Hempstead
Fantastic driving experienceReview by alex, Colchester
I love the fact that I can say my first track driving experience was in a Lamborghini Gallardo! But it's left me looking for another thrill! Jonny and co run a terrific business model. They urged you to push the limits and gave you tips to correct any errors you made. By the end of my gold day, I had learned how to J turn, handbrake turn, link drifts, donuts and I must say I feel my driving ability has increased considerably. Well done to all of you and I am looking forward to doing this again! I cannot recommend a better drifting day than this!

Location: Hemel Hempstead
Great dayReview by Jimmy, .
Drifting on an airfield was an extraordinary experience. I also got the chance to do a couple of laps sitting in the passenger seat of the Atom whilst it was driven by a pro. It gave me a chance to see what the car could really do! I was a fantastic day, thanks to all the staff.

Location: Hemel Hempstead
The Definative Driving DayReview by Zaid, London
A great chance to try out some drifting without wrecking your own car! The cars at the centre were in surprisingly good condition, and the instructors were great at teaching you how to get the most out of your car. Great facilities too- lunch and lots of tea and coffee. Definintely worth a visit.

Location: Hemel Hempstead

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