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Drifting Taster Experience

Don't be afraid of skidding and sliding with this drifting taster experience. With a professional showing you the ropes you will see how fun and exhilarating this sport can be!
East: Hertfordshire

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In Brief

  • Put a drift-prepared car - the Mazda MK2 MX-5 1.8S, through its paces under the guidance of an experienced professional.
  • Begin with a theory classroom session covering the principles of car control and safety briefing.
  • Enjoy an introductory course on do-nuts and figure eight drifting.
  • Learn the basics of power oversteer.
  • Complete the day as you are let loose on the track for four laps of drifting action!
  • Minimum driving time 25 minutes.
  • Experience lasts for approx 2 hours.

What happens on the day?

There’s nothing quite like the tradition of stars of Hollywood films drifting effortlessly round corners in their beautifully pristine car, but try that on the roads of Britain and if you don’t roll your vehicle, you’ll soon have a visit from the police.

But fear not young drifter, there is a way to experience that feeling of complete and utter ‘cool’ with our taster drifting session. Get behind the wheel with a free pass to skid slide and glide your way around the track and see just how exhilarating this sport can be!

You’ll be taught all the tricks of the trade by an experienced instructor including J-turns, sliding and how to use the handbrake all in the comfort of our specially customised Mazda MK2 MX-5 1.8S.

What else do I need to know?

  • Voucher is valid for 10 months for one person.
  • Usually runs on Sundays, however weekdays are available by arrangement.
  • Minimum age 17 years.
  • Minimum height 5ft, maximum height 6ft 2ins.
  • Maximum weight 18 stone.
  • A full licence must be shown on the day (no photocopies).
  • Participants must be physically fit and have no health conditions which might affect their ability to drive.
  • A disclaimer will need to be signed by the driver.
  • You must wear suitable flat-soled shoes.
  • Experience lasts approximately 2 hours with a minimum of 25 minutes driving time.
  • All dates subject to availability.


Where can I do it?

East: Hertfordshire (Hemel Hempstead)


Clarkson Eat Your Heart Out.!Review by Baldrick, Essex
Brilliant !!! Best couple of hours I've spent on a Sunday morning for a long time. I'm 63 and been driving bikes and cars since 16. I've spun a few in my time....... usually not intentionally ....... but here the guys explain how to do J-turns (that's driving backwards and flicking the car round and going forwards - James Bond style - for those like me that don't know the terminology! Doughnuts (going round in a tight circle with the tail hanging out and smoking tyres - Clarkson style - but in a cheaper car !) and Handbrake turns. And best of all get to take the MX5's round a small circuit (not the usual figure 8 type) putting all you've learnt together. All this in a car that's not yours, burning rubber from tyres you don't have to pay for (we destroyed 2) and when you lose it there's no nasty road furniture like lamp posts, kerbs and bollards to hurt you ......... only cones and weeds!! And even my instructor knocked those for 6 on the hot lap !! Our 2 instructors were quite relaxed (valium??) and we didn't spend ages on technical stuff. It was straight in the cars and go! Thoroughly recommended.

Location: Hemel Hempstead (Posted on July, 2012)
As a spectator...Review by Georgie, Essex
I bought this gift for my boyfriend and he loved the experience, and plans to go back. He loves cars and he loves being able to learn how to drift in a car that is designed for it. Now I wanted to write this as a spectator, because I'm sure many of you buying this are buying it as something you will need / choose to go along to on the day. There is a designated spectator area. Being a cold day in March everyone was inside this building. It is basically a portacabin with lots of chairs, a small kitchen area and a back room with a pool table which we never set foot in. For the amount of people there on this particular day it was far too small. (I believe this was down to one driver having about 6/7 family members with them!). If you can't get a seat you stand with very small personal space. Plus you cannot see out the window for all the others standing. I decided to stand outside while my boyfriend was taking his turns to get a better view (and to get some space too). The portacabin provides refreshments at usual prices, just speak to the guy first. Simple items like water, ribena, crisps and chocolates. Then there is the toilets. Well, toilet. A portaloo back past the car park. We saw some closer but we were told to use this specific one. And no loo roll. I advise you to take some with you or pop to McDonalds before or after your experience. It is a fun day, it can be difficult to book as they only have one Sunday a month, but worth it if you are buying for someone who loves to play about with cars.

Location: Hemel Hempstead (Posted on April, 2013)

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