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Helicopter and Aeroplane Sightseeing Flights

Sightseeing flights
Enjoy a helicopter or aeroplane sightseeing flight over London, other major cities in the UK and areas of outstanding natural beauty, or if you've never experienced helicopter flight before try a 5-15 minute thrill and see the sights of your local area.

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Sightseeing Pleasure Flights

Take a tour of Britain from the sky and enjoy making a memory that you will not forget in a hurry. Climb aboard a helicopter or aeroplane and head to the sky where you will be able to see some of Britain’s most beautiful scenery, famous landmarks and historical sites.

Fly above some of the UK’s most bustling cities such as Manchester, London or Liverpool. Take a tour of the Jurassic Coast, the luscious Yorkshire countryside or follow in the footsteps of the famous Dam Busters as these tours show you the amazing and beautiful pieces of life in Britain’s past and present.

Not only do these tours present you with some wonderful sights, but also the thrill experience of a ride in either a helicopter or small plane, gliding across the British skyline viewing all that the UK has to offer.

The ‘flying machines’...

Most of the sightseeing flight experiences are hosted in helicopters, giving more of an uninterrupted view of the ground below, but there are some flights available too to cater to every taste. The types of helicopter can vary depending on your location, but some of the tours take place in Twin Squirrel or Jet Ranger helicopters.

The Twin Squirrel was developed in the 1970’s and has found its use as a military, police and rescue helicopter for transporting supplies and pursuing suspects; it’s speed of up to 139mph makes it a great asset. The Jet Ranger helicopter has the same top speed and is also used by many national armies across the world. The Jet Ranger operates with two blades as opposed to the traditional three-blade designs.

Amongst the plane tours stands a trip in a Dragon Rapide plane. The Dragon Rapide was a short distance passenger plane popular in the 1930’s and also played an important role in World War II, transporting troops and providing more than capable for navigation training. The Dragon Rapide tour will not only provide brilliant views of the ground below, but also gives an opportunity to view a part of British history and fly in the plane itself. With Rapide’s becoming increasingly rare, it is important to book fast if you want to experience this unique package.

What can I see?

There are many tours to choose from, offering the view of landmarks and sights across the country. The Liverpool Air Tour offers a view of Everton and Liverpool Football Club’s stadiums as well as John Lennon Airport. City Centre Manchester boasts views of the Manchester Eye as well as Manchester’s two famous football stadiums and the Trafford Centre.

London has many airborne tours to choose from. Follow the Thames River into the centre of London or fly across the City, spotting landmarks like Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge and the London Eye.

If cities are not your scene then why not try one of the many rural tours on offer? Follow in the footsteps of the Dam Busters across Derwent Valley or take to the skies to view the Lake District in all its beauty. or the soap fans amongst you the Yorkshire tour even soars straight over the set of Emmerdale, the most eagle-eyed will be able to point out the Woolpack pub!

Tours take place across the UK including to the Severn Valley and the Cotswolds, as well as a helicopter buzz around Cornwall, Oxfordshire and Stafford.

What can I expect?

Flights can last from five minutes to one hour depending on the type of tour you are after. Obviously, the length of your journey will be reflected in the price. Typically five minutes will cost you no more than £40 and is a short hop over the surrounding countryside, whilst the hour long flights cost roughly £300 depending on the tour and centre you begin from.

Some of the packages, such as the city centre tours, are designed to get you to the heart of the action very quickly so you can see as much as possible. On the other hand the countryside tours may take a little more time as an expansive area of land is covered in the pursuit of picture-perfect scenery.

As with most airborne experiences, safety is of the highest importance and a full safety briefing will take place before any flight. Be sure to stay strapped in and enjoy the ride from the comfort of a chair as the flight gives you picture opportunity after picture opportunity.

Rising to heights of up to 1000 feet, the helicopters will gracefully meander through the sky, giving you glimpses of stunning sights and a taste of what it is like to be a millionaire for the day.


You have seen nothing until you have viewed Britain’s landmarks from above. See your home town or England’s capital city in a whole new way as your air adventure lets you get a bird’s eye view of Britain.

The thrilling, eye-opening experiences offer a unique look at Britain, its sights and landmarks, football grounds, lakes and expansive countryside. There really is something for everyone with this experience, but booking in advance is highly advisable as places can go fast.

These experiences, unlike others, offer the chance to go on the tour as a group and are the perfect outing for a small family, a group of friends or as a romantic afternoon. Soar across the skies in pursuit of Britain’s hidden treasures and have a bird’s eye look at some of the most famous sights across the UK. Feel like a superstar with this jet-set experience.