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Segway Riding & Shredder Discovery Experiences

Segway Riding & Shredder Discovery Experiences
Get to grips with these unique two wheeled Segway personal transporters on an off road rally course and discover just how much fun these quirky little machines really are! Or get to grips with a fierce DTV (Dual Tracked Vehicle), the first true crossover vehicle, with this adrenaline-pumping experience day.

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Tell me about Segways

If you’re looking for a different way to travel then a Segway may just be the answer you’re looking for. These nippy machines are a fun way to get around, using just your weight to help you negotiate the twists and turns of your off-road course.

Using just two wheels which straddle a platform just big enough for your feet and a handlebar to control acceleration and steering, this is probably the weirdest form of transport you'll ever have experienced. Being battery powered the Segway is not only quiet, it's also friendly to the environment so you can race about knowing you're not killing any trees (except for the ones you might run into!).

So what's involved?

The courses we offer will see you tackling a variety of terrains, showing you just how well these machines handle all that is thrown at them.

Before you head off on your Segway, you will receive full training from one of the experienced instructors. You will be fully equipped with a helmet and elbow and knee pads before heading out onto a practice course where you will spend some time getting to grips with the techniques needed to control your Segway.

Once you have fully mastered the art of Segway driving and have grown in confidence, you and your group will be released onto the full off road Segway track. Taking you across a varied terrain, you will be able to travel the course at your own speed, so whether you fancy yourself as a bit of a speed demon or simply want to enjoy this unique way of travelling at a steady pace, then the track is yours to do as you wish.

Where can I do it?

The Segway locations are dotted around the UK with each one offering its' own, fun course; some are in the open countryside, others include a route through wooded areas and others are held in the grounds of some lovely venues. Wherever you decide to visit, you will experience a memorable day out full of fun and laughter; you will also be presented with a commemorative certificate once you have completed the course in one piece!

Can I combine it with another experience?

Some of the packages we offer also include a little something extra to go alongside your Segway experience; so you may fancy a drive in a supercar of your choice or maybe a lesson in paddleboarding or, if it’s action you want, then a full scale battle using infra-red weapons should be right up your street.

All of these options are currently available and add just a little extra spice to an already excellent experience.