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Rally Driving Taster

Dip a toe into the world of rally driving with this awesome taster experience.
Available at 4 Locations

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In Brief

  • Classroom briefing at most locations where rally driving techniques will be explained.
  • Get behind the wheel of a rally car and enjoy flying around the course (driving time varies between locations).
  • Certificate presentation.
  • Allow 2 hours at the venue.
  • Not weather dependent.

What happens on the day?

The perfect starter package for anyone looking to get a taste for rallying. In this two hour experience you will have a classroom-style introduction to familiarise you with the safety side of things, followed by a fast paced rally driving session. You'll have full control of the wheel and the accelerator, just don't forget the mortal instructor sitting next to you. The cars are prepared to racing standards, so expect to drive a powerful piece of kit through all the twists and turns, and weather, the course can throw at you.

What else do I need to know?

  • Voucher valid for 10 months.
  • Available Mon-Fri in Yorkshire, on Saturdays and selected Tuesdays in Essex, and on selected dates weekround in Leicestershire.
  • Spectators welcome (max 2 per driver at Oxfordshire, min age 11, unders 16s must be accompanied by an adult. Additional spectators for a small charge).
  • Spectator min age - 11 years (11-16 year olds must be accompanied by a spectating adult).
  • Dress comfortably and wear soft soled shoes.
  • Max Height: 6'4'' (6'6'' at Oxfordshire), Min Height: 5'0'', Max Weight: 18 stone (16 stone at Oxfordshire).
  • Let the operator know prior to the event if you have any medical or fitness problems.
  • Full, valid driving licence valid for one year is required which must be presented on the day.
  • No pets allowed.
  • Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your start time.
  • Participants arriving late and missing the safety briefing may not be allowed to drive.
  • li>All locations are subject to seasonal opening times


Where can I do it?

East: Essex (Saffron Walden - Langley Lower Green)

Midlands: Leicestershire (Loughborough - Prestwold Hall)

North East: North Yorkshire (Seaton Ross)

Northern Ireland: County Armagh (Craigavon)


Fun but shortReview by Jon Lawn, Saffron Waldon - Essex
The course is good, the buildings adequate and the cars seem very professional. My session consisted of driving four laps in a front-wheel car, four in rear-wheel and one with and instructor driving, in that order. One instructor was pretty helpful, the other not so. There was not much instruction beforehand either, and little debrief after each ride, so you really only got to get a feel for it. For instance, I still don't know why the rear-wheel drive should have felt different. The passenger lap was awesome, but just made me wish I'd known more (like how to left-foot brake) when I'd been out. In all fun, but could be better and could certainly be more educational. I'd put the passenger lap first (even if this does incourage excessive speed), explain more about balancing the cars and the differences between them beforehand, and find a way of letting drivers practice left-foot braking beforehand out of a car (as I'm not sure rally driving is possible without this technique, but it's very counter-intuitive for a normal driver). I'd love to do more, but I'd want much more car time to really try to get it. Still, it was very satisfying kicking up dirt. P.S. Careful practicing left-foot braking on the roads. It tends to result in very sharp stops indeed!

Location: Saffron Waldon - Essex
Best rally driving afternoonReview by Andrew Isle, Bishops Stortford
I did this rally driving experience in Saffron Waldon, really close to my home town. I have always wanted to do rally driving but never knew that you could so them as experience afternoons. After the briefing I felt that I knew what to do in the car to stay safe and make sure that I got the most out of the car and track. The instructors answered questions and made sure that we were all confortable. I had a fantastic time and cant wait until I can do another similar driving experience day.

Location: Saffron Waldon - Essex

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Your Questions

Your Questions

How fast are you allowed to drive at and do you get taught how to do different techniques?
There are no speed limits as such and the instructors will encourage the drivers to go as fast as their ability and the course allows, however rally courses are generally full of twists and turns so high speeds are not generally achievable. The different rallying techniques will be taught and the instructor will be beside them at all times, helping them through the course.
How long you drive for and where abouts it is in Essex?
You will be driving for approximately 20-30 minutes and the venue in Essex is located in Langley Lower Green, Saffron Walden.
Does it matter how long you have had your licence for this experience?
The driver will need to have held their licence for a minimum of 12 months.
I was just wondering what the difference between the rally taster course and the rally half day coures is. As both of them are for 2 hours. I am thinking about buying one for my wife for her birthday and want her to have a cracking day.
For the Rally Driving Taster, the whole experience lasts around 2 hours but the actual individual drive time is about 20-30 minutes. With the Rally Driving Half Day you will expect to be at the venue for around 2 hours again with an individual drive time of 45 minutes and you will do more in the way of manoeuvres. With both experiences there will be other people sharing the use of the car and with the half day experience you will also get a demonstration lap driven by an instructor.
Can you please advise if this activity is still available in Northern Ireland and a specific location. Are there any restrictions of spectators at this event?
Yes the experience you have enquired about has a location in Northern Ireland, Portadown, County Armargh. Spectators are welcome. At the Oxfordshire location a maximum of 2 spectators per driver are permitted; spectators must be aged 11 years or over and those aged 11-16 years must be accompanied by a spectating adult- (additional spectators maybe pre-booked subject to availability and a small charge).

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