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Music Making

Record your own CD with our range of singing and performing experiences at locations across the UK.

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Singing Experiences

Put your singing voice on show and enjoy some time in a recording studio creating a lasting record rather than hazy thoughts about last night's karaoke. With dozens of studios across Scotland, England and Wales to choose from, we've put together three great professional packages starting from around £100 to give you a taste of what's involved at the sharp end of the music business.

From the earliest days of pop music, the recording studio has held a mystical appeal. With bands locked together for hours on end testing out their creative juices, the recording studio has produced as many spectacular fall-outs as masterpieces. The modern day studio wants for nothing, with every device in place to create and record the sharpest quality sound.

Subo, Subo

A decade of reality television has created new icons, with no star shining brighter than Susan Boyle. After years tucked away in social clubs and miner’s welfare halls, the woman next door from Scotland has been transformed into a world star, with her booming voice taking America by storm and leaving the glitziest of stars trailing in her wake.

Boyle's talent could have remained undiscovered if it hadn't been for ‘Britain's Got Talent’ and it is these unique recording studio visits that start you on the first steps towards making yourself known. With all the professional trimmings that the superstars enjoy available to you, there's no reason not to create a devastating and lasting record to treasure.

Fame, I want to live forever

For most people, singers or not, going to a recording studio is the stuff of dreams. Depending on your needs, we've put together a few options to match your desires and allow you to enjoy some time as the star attraction. You can record your all-time favourite track or take the plunge and try something more demanding, knowing that behind you there is the perfect backing managed by your own sound engineer. We'll do everything to help you create the perfect sound; all you need to do is provide the vocal talent and maybe a little bit of courage!

Songmaker, 1 Hour Pop Taster

The floor is yours with 9,000 tracks to choose from as you get the star treatment using high quality headphones, with an incredible recording system to maximise your efforts. You'll be coached through the basics of the recording studio to ensure that you aren't overwhelmed by the appliance of science. Every aid will be given to you, including background instruments to complement you as you hit the right notes during your hour-long session.

Silver Songmaker Pop Experience

Move up a level or two with two hours in control of the recording studio. Experiment a bit more; testing out the controls and find out how the sound comes over. With a state-of-the-art studio at your disposal, you can enjoy creating the stadium filling effect of U2 or the more intimate sounds of Christina Aguilera. With time to experiment and try out different songs and special effects, you'll quickly get into the mind-set of the stars as you gain control of the studio.

Gold Songmaker Pop Experience

Go for a gold disc with three hours to fine tune your singing skills. With the support of a sound engineer, you can produce the best possible sound with two tracks recorded for you to take home on CD. This session is certain to raise your game to a new level as you get to feel at home in the studio, experiment with your voice and discover the high notes that you can, and can't, reach.

Once you've achieved the sound that you want we can go to work for you, applying the best possible effects to complement your recording. With the full range of features, our sound engineer will use their ear for sound to put together two great tracks for your CD. With your eyes opened to the possibilities, you'll find your singing moving up a level or two as you realise that with the right backing your voice can be as distinctive and memorable as some of the most famous names around.

With three hours to make use of, you can record and re-record until you get the sound that you are searching for. Once you are satisfied with the recording, we'll make you even happier by applying that professional touch that you've always strived to achieve.

Where can I record a song?

Songmaker experiences operate across the UK. For those in and around London you can choose from Windsor, Reading, Milton Keynes, Surrey and London itself, while Cambridge, Peterborough, Essex and Norwich serve those in East Anglia. The Midlands is covered by Oxford, Nottingham, Northamptonshire and Birmingham, while anyone from up north has the option of Warrington, Blackpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool or Leeds. Newcastle is available for those in the north east of England and for those in the south we have Bristol, Poole, Plymouth and Weymouth. Recording studios in Glasgow and Edinburgh are available for the Scots while Cardiff in Wales completes the selection of UK based studios.

Take it to the bridge

For the ultimate in recording studio sessions you can spend six hours recording five tracks and even choose the artwork for your very own CD. This takes place in Maldon in Essex so it's quite exclusive but the one to go for if you really want to immerse yourself in the world of the pop artist.

Chorus time

Whatever level you are at vocally, you'll enjoy the whole recording studio experience. From the moment you step in, we'll take away the mystique and gadgetry to allow you to concentrate on your voice and achieving the very best possible results.

Being elevated from the pub or social club scene will give you a boost, with everything on offer in the recording studio set to maximise your talent. Taking yourself away from your usual environment and into the professionalism of a recording studio is the first step towards superstardom. Whether you are using our bronze, silver or gold package, you'll get the best of advice and support to ensure that you don't freeze on the day.

Mixing your amateur enthusiasm with the gizmos of a modern recording studio can produce some spectacular results, but most of all you'll enjoy a sensational experience. Finding out a little about what happens behind the scenes will help your confidence, as you realise that with a natural talent aided a little by technology most goals are possible.

Getting the opportunity to record in a professional studio can be a real eye-opener and gives you the chance to compare yourself with others on a level footing. Being able to listen back over your own tracks allows proper self-analysis to assess the strengths and weaknesses in your singing. The CD you take home could be just the start of a new direction in your career or simply a great keepsake of an unforgettable day.