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Single Seater Racing Car Experiences

Take the wheel of a single seater racing car
Drive a single seater racing car or Formula One car on UK race tracks such as Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Rockingham, Goodwood, Oulton Park or Knockhill.

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Buyers Guide to Single Seater Experience Days

With a variety of Single Seater experience days ranging from around £75 for a single seater “thrill” to over £1,000 for a Formula 1 experience with overnight stay and many more in between, the opportunity to become a racing driver for the day has never been better.

Formula 1 races are usually watched on the TV with envy and it’s not just the magnum of champagne for the winner that’s the attraction! At some point in their lives most men (and women) have had the dream of jumping behind the wheel of a racing car and taking it full speed around a race track. With the thrill and excitement of an F1 race just out of reach for most people the Single Seater experience days we have on offer here help to make the boyhood dream a reality.

Some of the most famous UK racing tracks are available with these packages, so not only do you have the chance to drive a racing car, you also get to do it at your favourite UK track.

The Single Seaters used at most tracks will be a Formula Ford, this is the car driven by most F1 drivers at the beginning of their careers. Although for those who want an authentic experience (and can afford it) there is the chance to drive a Formula 3 or even an ex-Grand Prix Formula One racing car with our Formula 1 Racing Experience which gives the voucher holder and one spectator the chance to stay overnight close to the Three Sisters race track.

If you can’t quite stretch to the real thing but want a bit more than just a quick thrill in a single seater then we also have packages which also include the chance to get behind the wheel of a supercar such as a Ferrari 360 as well as the single seater.

Where can I drive a Single Seater?

The venues available are all well-known race tracks which, over the years, have seen many famous F1 drivers floor it around their courses. Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell, David Coulthard, Jenson Button and of course, Lewis Hamilton have all driven on at the majority of tracks offered and now you can follow in their tracks.

The locations will vary depending on the voucher that you purchase but we offer single seater experiences at the following tracks:

  • Silverstone
  • Brands Hatch
  • Donington
  • Three Sisters
  • Rockingham
  • Goodwood
  • Oulton Park
  • Castle Combe
  • Prestwold Hall
  • Knockhill
  • Kirkistown (Northern Ireland)

All of these locations will have facilities such as toilets, shelter in the event of bad weather and somewhere to purchase refreshments.

What types of single seaters are available to drive?

Below is a sample of some of the track types and the cars used:

  • At Silverstone all of their single seater experiences are run on the Stowe track, which was originally part of the World War 2 airfield. This is a 0.795 mile circuit with an area for spectators. The car driven is a 1600cc Formula Silverstone Single Seater which has a top speed of 135mph.
  • At Rockingham the experiences take place on either the Oval circuit or their Infield circuit. The Oval circuit is the UK’s fastest and only oval track. The cars used are 115bhp Formula Fords with a top speed of 130mph.
  • Castle Combe is one of the UK’s longest established racing circuits just behind Silverstone. Here they use Formula Fords which have a top speed of 100mph.

Price Considerations:

The experiences offered vary in price and will therefore vary in duration. As an example of the differences between the lower priced experiences and the slightly pricier ones the two Silverstone packages are described below:

During the £120 thrill you will have the chance to drive for a total of 18 minutes; this will be 8 minutes behind a pace car and then a further 10 minutes without the pace car.

During the £175 extended version you will have the chance to drive for 20 minutes with the pace car and then another 20 minutes on your own. The format is very similar but driving times are extended, giving you extra time to perfect the new driving skills you have learnt.

What happens on the day?

All of the days offered will begin with a welcome meeting, here you will enjoy refreshments and have the chance to meet your instructors. After your initial welcome you will be sat down for a talk on track safety and the driving techniques required for your session in the car. After this, at the majority of tracks, you will then be taken out as a passenger in a separate vehicle to see the track for yourself. During these familiarisation laps your instructor will explain to you what the various signs on the track mean and what to do on the different straights and bends that you will come across.

Once you have been fully briefed it’ll then be time to get kitted up, this includes a helmet so ladies be prepared for helmet hair afterwards! Once you are comfortable in the Single Seater your instructor will talk you through the various controls and dials and then you’re away!

To begin with there will be a pace car which will help you get used to the circuit and the racing lines, they will also help you realise a fast, yet comfortable speed. The pace car will only be on the track for the first half of your session, once it has gone you’re on your own! This will then be your chance to put everything you have learnt to the test and to really feel like the racing driver you’ve always dreamed of!

When your session comes to an end there will be a de-brief and a presentation of certificates, not quite a bottle of champagne but hopefully it’s something that will help you to remember your day for many years to come, and also serve as proof that you did get to become a racing driver for the day!

This is the general format for most of the Single Seater driving days we offer, with the exception of the top of the range F1 Racing Experience for those lucky people with more the £1,000 to spend. This offers the most authentic F1 experience available. Held at the iconic Three Sisters race circuit this once in a life time session is definitely one for all the F1 nuts out there. The cars you will have the chance to drive during ultimate session are a Formula RS, a Formula 3 and then to top it off an ex Grand Prix Formula One racing car! After your amazing full day session you will then enjoy an overnight stay and dinner for you and one spectator. This package could not offer you anymore if it tried!

Do I need to be able to drive?

Oh yes! All of these brilliant single seater days will require all voucher holders to have some previous driving experience. The restrictions vary from track to track but the majority will require voucher holders to be over the age of 18 years and with a minimum of one years driving experience. All driving licences will need to be full, manual ones with no serious convictions and will need to be presented on the day, photocopies will not be accepted.

There is an average height requirement of no smaller than 5’2” and no taller than 6’4”. The maximum weight is between 16 and 18 stone but all of these restrictions will need to checked when ordering your voucher as they will change depending on experience and location.

Spectators are welcome on your day, we definitely wouldn’t deny you the chance to show off to friends and family during your heart stopping, once in a life time, dream come true, Single Seater driving experience!