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Quad Biking Experience Days

Take to the hills on a quad bike adventure. Quad biking experiences are available all over the UK and as part of a muddy off-road driving experience day.

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Guide to Quad Biking Experience Days

Quad biking is one experience that you'll never forget. As you get yourself kitted out in safety gear and hop behind the handle bars, you'll experience the exhilaration and speed behind these off road vehicles as you handle them over dusty, rough terrain and around purpose built tracks either solo, or with a group of friends!

If you are looking for an exciting, thrilling experience that sees you getting behind the controls of these chunky, mechanical four wheeled bikes at a huge range of locations around the UK, our Quad Biking Experience days will deliver, as there is one to suit every budget and each one comes with an itinerary that guarantees to get your blood pumping.

Different Experiences

There are many different experience days available that give you the chance to enjoy time on a quad bike, speeding through woodland and up dirt tracks at an exciting speed, and there is one to suit every budget and every taste. Whether you fancy a few exhilarating laps, or want to spend a few hours atop one of these adrenaline pumping vehicles, you'll find an experience day to suit you in every way. Prices range from around £45 for an hour experience, to just under £100 for a quad-biking day for two!

So what does a Quad Biking Experience Day experience involve?

A Quad Biking Experience day can vary depending packages, but typically includes:

  • Safety Session
    When you first arrive at the destination, you will more than likely be given a safety briefing by a trained quad-biking expert who will explain how to get the most out of your new ride safely, how to handle the bike correctly, and how to practice safely when taking to the track.
  • Training Circuit Run
    Once you have been prepped on the bike and safety, it will then be time to have a few practice laps where you'll be assessed by a quad-biking expert! You'll usually spend time tackling obstacles on a practice circuit and during this time you may be given pointers and advice regarding your driving by your spectating instructor.
  • Time to Ride
    After your practice run, you may, depending on location, be given the chance to take your quad bike off-road. You'll get to ride around the plot, whether that be woodland or hilly terrain, taking your bike to its limit!

Quad Biking Experience Days range from an hour to 90 minutes long from start to finish and are usually held in beautiful countryside locations across the UK.

Verdict of Quad Biking Experiences:

A Quad Bike experience is fun packed from start to finish and as soon as you get there, most of the time will be spent speeding around on these exhilarating machines. Although you'll be given a thorough safety briefing, as soon as this is over, you'll be given full licence to jump onto the vehicle, taking it for a spin and enjoying the ride around the vast land and track available. If you're looking for an hour or two of excitement by yourself or with some friends, then a Quad Biking Experience really is a great choice

Are there age restrictions attached to Quad Biking Experience Days?

Depending on which experience day you choose, children as young as eight years old can experience an hour or two riding these messy, muddy mechanical bikes, and some experience days are constructed especially for your little ones.

Our Junior Experience Days are affordable and are very safe but also thoroughly enjoyable experiences for young tykes, and some even give them the chance to bring along a friend. Quad biking juniors will be looked after and kept safe by highly trained professional quad-bike instructors and you'll be able to watch from the side lines as your little ones have a taste of their first adrenaline pumping fun!

Four Quad Biking Experiences give children between eight and 12 years old the chance to experience these four wheeled machines for the first time. You can even go along for the ride, sharing a parent-children moment neither of you will forget.

What about location?

There are a range of locations available across the country which offers Quad Biking Experience days. You can choose from southerly spots such as Surrey, Middlesex, Dorset and Kent, as well as areas in the Midlands. There are also a range of locations available to those that live in Wales and Scotland too, so there is little doubt that you will find your perfect location.

Each venue also comes with different tracks, obstacles and terrain and it's completely up to you where you choose to ride your bike. Choose from over 200 acres of woodland where you'll be able to take in the scenery as you shoot by endless forested areas and wildlife, straightforward, winding tracks that are perfect for racing on, or hilly, rough terrain that proves to be a very bumpy and thrilling ride as you ride over steep dips and potholes and over hilly, muddy ground.

Overall Verdict:

Whether you're after an afternoon of riveting fun,, or simply want to arrange a stag do or birthday celebration to remember, then a Quad Biking Experience is certainly something to consider. It's affordable for a great deal of budgets and extremely accessible, as our experience days are held across the UK, giving you a choice of where to enjoy your afternoon of quad-biking excitement!

Straddle the seat, take to the handle bars and zoom across thrilling terrain on these powerful bikes...