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Hovercraft Flying for One Special Offer

Discover the unique experience of flying a hovercraft over both water and land!
Available at 3 Locations

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In Brief

  • Safety briefing and instructor demonstration of the basic skills needed.
  • Move onto the Hover Track, itinerary varies depending on location:

    - At Kent you will take part in a series of races and timed laps
    - At Leicestershire take on the obstacle course and take part in a relay race
    - At Shropshire fly solo for a number of laps around a challenging 1km track

  • Group size is 10-14 people.
  • Allow 3-4 hours for this experience.

What happens on the day?

Over land and sea, become a master of the hovercraft. The same principles that 'ferry' travellers back and forth across the channel are applied to this fantastic solo hovercraft, as you enjoy a challenging day.

On arrival, your instructor will show you the controls of the vehicle and once you have a firm grasp of them, it's time to graduate towards the land and water sections where you will enjoy a number of tests as part of a relay or in races against other competitors. Pause for refreshments and compare your experience with others, discussing the course or the vehicle, with instructors on hand throughout to answer questions and pass on their knowledge and experiences.

After your break, it's time to tackle the other discipline as you compare the demands of water with the track, using the same vehicle. As your experience of the hovercraft grows, so does your speed as you get more daring and demanding, pushing the vehicle and your nerve to the limit.

All in all, you can expect to spend between three and four hours on this lively and challenging activity, as you pick up new skills and test yourself in a whole new environment.

What else do I need to know?

  • Voucher valid for 10 months for one person.
  • Available on selected dates all year round (Weekends only at Kent).
  • Minimum age is 12 years at Kent and 14 years at Leicestershire or Shropshire.
  • Be advised, craft can reach speeds of up to 40mph at Leicestershire.
  • Maximum weight 20 stone.
  • This experience will be shared with 10-14 people.
  • No previous experience is needed.


Where can I do it?

Midlands: Leicestershire (Lutterworth)

Midlands: Shropshire (Oswestry)

South East: Kent (Tonbridge)


Hovercraft FlyingReview by Stanway, Reading
A good idea for a birthday present. The day was split into small groups of about 8 which was ideal becuase we didn't have to wait for ages for everyone to have a go at flying. Helpful instructors, good facilities and great value for money :)

Location: Leicestershire
Excellent FunReview by Bigwoody, Hertfordshire, England
A fun day but it was difficult to fit in all the activities. There were loads of different things going on and unfortunately we arrived late so were not able to do everything. May come back at a later date to see it all.

Location: Kent
Hovering-tastic :DReview by jimbo, Leicester
Fun day out with al the family, we got to go round the track four times and try lots of different activities. The points race was my favourite but I also enjoyed the challenge of the individual time trials. Loads of fun, and I picked up some new skills!

Location: Leicester
Well organised and good funReview by pauliegirl, Hampshire
The whole day lasted about 3 hours with very little waiting around. There were also great facilities- clean toilets, food & drink stations (although these are not included in the price of the day). Fairly well priced for the whole experience, may book it again for family occasions.

Location: Kent
Good funReview by Saucy Ken, East Midlands
A very good morning's entertainment. Hovercraft are pretty exhilarating. There is just enough practice to get a hang of the craft followed by a series of mildly competitive and more demanding exercises. Things can get a bit messy in the wet so wear waterproof gear!

Location: .
A Really Fun Day OutReview by Top Shed John, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
Super day out with the family. Good value for money, easy to book online, and all of the staff were polite and gave easy to follow instructions :)

Location: .
Enthralling Uplifting ExperienceReview by Tonymac, Ramsgate
What a great way to spend a few hours. The ability to fly across land and water in one machine was awesome. We were at the Sandwich venue and the staff were excellent with plenty of witty remarks and helpful tips on how to get the best out of the craft. After a few trial laps we went into relay mode which was great fun and brought out the competitive nature in everyone. To make if fair the two teams then swapped hovercraft and it ended up one win each. The race against the clock was the final part of the session and that's when everybody went for it with a few close shaves with the local hedges!!. Great fun, great company and highly recommended.

Location: Kent
Good funReview by Hooked momma, Nottinghamshire
Bought this for my hubby for Xmas. Finally did it in Aug. Well organised, value for money as we were there for 2 1/2 hours. My hubby had plenty of time in the hovercraft and really enjoyed the afternoon. I enjoyed being able to watch it all. Was a little disappointed about the 'water' as it turned out to be a large pond, but he had fun and that's what counts! He is now wanting to buy one!! Ha ha.

Location: Lutterworth

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