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Photoshoots and Makeover Experiences

Do you know someone who loves having their photo taken? Why not treat them to a Photoshoot Experience with a professional photographer. Some photoshoots include a makeover and are suitable for men, women, couples, children and whole families, with studios all over the UK.

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Photoshoot Experiences

Take a step out of the usual routine and put a spark back into your life with a touch of luxury with any one of our makeover options. Step into a studio and enjoy a complete makeover, looking at your hair, clothes and make-up before being professionally photographed. Take the pictures home to enjoy yourself or provide the man in your life with something to sit up and take notice of.

We all find ourselves in a rut at times, wishfully counting the days before going on a holiday or a break. With our Makeover and Photoshoot deals, that special reward could be just around the corner as you step into a world of high powered glamour and get the supermodel treatment to provide photos that will surprise even yourself! An affordable range of options across the country have been put together to give you a tonic with our packages starting off at just £10.

High Street glamour

Everyone needs a lift or a break from the day-to-day routine. Leave your shopping aside or drop in after work for the boost that you need for a Classic Makeover Offer, City Slickers Photo Shoot For One or Ultimate Goddess Makeover and Photoshoot For One. With dozens of city centre locations across England, Wales and Scotland taking part, you can relax for an hour or two and get a great insight into the glamour industry. Our stylist will assess your needs, the look that suits you best and open up your ideas to a totally new look or a more subtle change that will provide you with a fresh perspective.

We've also got an option which allows you to bring a friend along, adding to the fun and also adding a competitive edge to the day. Pack up your favourite clothes, enjoy a hair styling and makeover and we'll send you home with a complimentary print of the event with additional photographs also available for purchase. There is a package for every interest, with prices varying depending on content - each providing you with one print from the day, with the experiences costing less than £50.

With dozens of options available at various locations, these options are as easily reachable as they are affordable. When you get the chance to spend a bit of time thinking about yourself rather than work, partners and families, you'll get to appreciate yourself and enjoy the interactive nature of your visit. It's not our wish to send you back out onto the streets as a WAG lookalike, but to bring out the best in you, naturally. You can have a consultation with our stylists who will take you through some fashion basics, examine your skin and hair type and explain which look is best for you. As well as looking better, you'll feel invigorated and return home knowing how to be at your best, rather than struggling to absorb bamboozling fashion advice coming at you from all angles.

Something special

Rather than just treating yourself, why not take along a partner or child to share this special experience? Alternatively, for any mums-to-be, we're able to capture that special time for you to hold on to as the nappies and sleepless nights arrive.

At Manchester, Birmingham, London and Southampton we've got the twin target couple options. Whether your partner is a trend setter or needing wardrobe help, we can provide both of you with a makeover and help you to appreciate the importance of choosing the right look to complement each other’s appearance. These fun sessions can prove to be a real eye-opener, with one print provided as part of the package.

For your kids we've devised two different options - My First Year Photoshoot and the Kids Deluxe Fashion Photoshoot for any child up to 12 years of age. A parent has to be present throughout, which shouldn't be too much of a hardship as you're likely to get as much out of it as the star of the show! Let your child enjoy a natural photo shoot, keeping a child-friendly feel to the session rather than attempting to age them before their time. With both options you'll get one complementary image and the opportunity to purchase more for your relatives.

Something a bit racier

Shock yourself - and someone special - with the popular For His Eyes Only Photoshoot. This three-hour visit will provide a real eye-opener, as you get to enjoy the superstar treatment to produce a range of photographs that you'll struggle to keep your eyes off. These sultry, sexy pictures will be like nothing you've done before, but will bring out the daredevil in you and provide a memorable look into the world of glamour photography.

From the moment that you step into our studio you'll enjoy the red carpet treatment, starting off with a 45-minute makeover from a professional make-up artist who'll bring out the best in your natural features. Explaining things step-by-step, you can't help but learn and revel in the limelight, knowing that you are the star of the show.

With everything in place, it's time for a demanding 90 minutes in front of the lens of a top glamour photographer. With lots of coaching and tips from the side lines, you'll amaze yourself as you find yourself mimicking the lively pictures that you've admired from a distance - knowing that your partner will be shocked and thrilled in equal measure. We'll create a special 40-picture online album for you to enjoy and also provide you with one quality print from your day of daring! This option will take place in an all-female studio with only you, your conscience and your man knowing what went on in front of the camera lens.