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Paintballing Days

Paintballing Days
Paintballing packages at locations all over the UK. Paintball packages for 8 people include hire of equipment, packages for 2 people include paintballs also.

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Guide to Paintballing

If you are in the mood for a little touch of insanity, then paintballing is the extreme sport for you. The object of the game is to eliminate your opponents by shooting them with paintballs, whilst at the same time avoiding the fire of the people you're playing against. Prepare to be covered from head to toe and to have as much fun as you have ever had. With a number of packages available, from single players to large groups, the choice is better than ever, but you'll need to be fit to avoid the fire of the opposition, and to manoeuvre yourself into position to get the best shot. The package prices are all under £50, so don the mask, load up your gun and fire away to your heart’s content.


There are 3 main packages available and these are:
  • Group paintballing
  • Paintballing for one
  • Paintballing for two
All packages include the hire of the protective clothing and masks, as well as the paintball gun, which is semi-automatic.

Where can you get splattered?

Over 100 locations offer the group paintballing and the majority of the United Kingdom is covered, as you will be at the end of the day. There are over 35 locations that offer the other packages for one or two people.

Which option should you try?

The group paintballing option is the one to choose if you fancy pitting your wits against friends and family. Fight for as long as you can and see who the sharpshooter in your group is. Up to eight people can be booked in and this package is the cheapest option available, per person. Paintballs can be purchased on the day of the event from all the locations and as many as are needed can be obtained. Food and refreshments are also available through the day. The minimum age for group bookings is normally 12, although some locations do have higher age limits - it's best to check before booking. Suitable clothing should be worn at all times, and this includes footwear. Wear something comfortable, as you'll be on the move most of the time, to avoid getting splattered.

If you want to challenge a group of individuals then a full day of paintballing for one is available. The price of this event includes a hot lunch (at most venues), and up to 10 games of paintball starting first thing in the morning. Because of the early start, make sure you get to bed early the night before, as a tired fighter will be picked off, and making a slow start will mean that you'll have some catching up to do to regain your pride on the day. The minimum age for playing as an individual is 15, and those under 18 will need consent of a parent. There is no height or weight restriction and the first 100 paintballs are also included in the cost. Further paintballs can be purchased at the venue.

If you want to team up as a pair then this option is also available. This enables players to pair up and take on other teams. So tactics might come into play more on this day. Again, the play starts early so get a good night's sleep the night before. You will get hit no matter how proficient you are, so the protective clothing and masks are provided, and it is essential that you wear suitable clothing and footwear. Hot lunch is provided at most venues and the minimum age to take part is 15. Under 18's will require consent from a parent or guardian. Up to 10 games will be played on the day and the first 100 paintballs are included in the cost. Additional paintballs can be purchased on the day and these are reasonably priced. People need to be reasonably fit in all paintball games, as a lot of running will take place; it is a good idea to pace yourself on the day.


There are a number of restrictions in place as to who can participate in the paintballing games:
  • Anyone over the age of 15 can play (under 18s require consent), and in the group game the players only need to be aged 12 and over in most locations
  • There are no height or weight restrictions
  • No spectators are allowed in any game - so if you turn up you play

Anything else I need to know?

The clothing you wear shouldn't be new or too expensive, as the paintballs contain food colourings and these can stain. Baggy clothing is probably best as it softens the blow of the closer up shots a little more. Other than that - just know that you will have a great time.

What happens prior to the game starting?

Players will be kitted out with the protective clothing, masks and a semi-automatic paintball gun. This is when the excitement really kicks in, as you will be desperate to get out there and blast the opposition to bits with your ammunition. A short demonstration of the workings of the gun will take place and then it's time to take to the battlefield and give it your all.

What happens during the day?

There will be a chance for a quick breather in between games, so take advantage to replenish your stock of paintballs if you need them, and also regain your breath for the next shootout. A longer break will be given for lunch, and you'll need the food to get your energy levels back up. Other than that it’s shooting, shooting and more shooting, with a little bit of dodging and getting hit thrown in for good measure.

What about the end of the day?

You will be sore, but mainly from laughing. Paintball is madness at its most extreme and the experience will leave you wanting more. You'll be shattered and splattered.