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Multi Activity Weekends and Breaks

Our range of activity weekends, short breaks and holidays in Wales are suitable for stag weekends or just a bit of fun on your own or with a group. Most weekends include a choice of activities including sea kayaking, surfing and coasteering.

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Activity Weekends

Weekends are precious, so why waste them hitting the pub or having a dull a night in with a greasy takeaway when you could be doing something a lot more creative and exciting?

It’s time to break the cycle and inject some physically and mentally challenging activities into your life. We’re not joking when we say, “Get set for an Indiana Jones style-packed weekend!”


All activities will take place in beautiful North Pembrokeshire, Wales, famed for its stunning coastal path and beaches. Guests will be staying at the five-star eco-lodge which can accommodate up to 40 people.

The Activities

The selection of experiences to choose from includes coasteering, sea kayaking, surfing, jet boat rides and coastal hiking. All activities are guaranteed to test your physical strength and leave you feeling like you’ve been to the gym. Far from the usual setting, you’ll be outdoors alongside the stunning ocean, caves and beaches – who said exercising had to be boring?

Which activity to go for

Some of the experiences allow you to get a feel of different activities by offering you two on the same day, while others focus solely on one specific activity. It’s up to you how strenuous and challenging the day will be. For example, those who want to get a real sense of Indiana Jones moments should opt for the coasteering experience which will see you climbing rocky coastlines, jumping and diving off cliffs into crashing waves and swimming into caves to discover timeless beauty. A real treat for the fearless!

Why go all the way to Australia to ride waves when you can do it in the UK? You don’t need to have had previous surfing lessons as the instructor will teach beginners the techniques to balance on your board. Hopefully you’ll be a pro in no time.

If you enjoy outdoor activities but think jumping off cliffs and battling against waves is all a bit too much, then sea kayaking may be a more suitable alternative. Your arms will get a good work out as you paddle peacefully in your boat and explore beautiful sceneries around you.

What to expect

With most of the experiences (with the exception of the week long trip), you’ll arrive at the adventure centre in North Pembrokeshire on a Friday evening. Try and get a good night’s rest because you’ll be expected to jump straight into the activities the next morning.

You’ll find yourself in a wetsuit for most of the day, but you can expect to strip out of it and into your own comfortable gear after you retreat back to the lodge. Reward yourself with a night of entertainment exploring forests, going seal spotting, walking alongside sandy and unspoilt beaches, dining in the lodge with home-cooked dinners or just unwinding and relaxing in your spacious room and comfy bed.

To round off your trip, Sunday will be spent coastal hiking and exploring the famous Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. However, those who are want to experience more adrenaline-filled activities should consult instructors for a list of things to do before heading home.

What’s included?

Accommodation is provided at the Eco Lodge during your stay. This spacious lodging is fully equipped with a pool table, music station, courtyard, bar and a safe outdoor area for kids to play. All of this is designed to help make your stay more pleasant and comfortable.

The rooms are spacious, with the largest room accommodating up to eight people. Under floor heating is also available for those chilly nights as autumn draws in. Specialist equipment such as helmets and swimsuits will be provided, as well as transport and transfers to venues.


Weekend packages start from around £220 to under £300 and include accommodation, food and transfers for the duration of your stay.

Things to consider

Before you book your experience, make sure you check the ‘Notes and Restrictions’ section. We’ve listed some examples below:

  • Participants should be able to swim for water-based activities
  • Some experiences are only suitable for people aged 18 and over
  • A general level of fitness is required for all activities and a medical note may be necessary for those deemed potentially unfit
  • Some activities are only available on selected dates
  • While beginners can participate in most of the activities, some prior experience, such as in kayaking, may be required
  • Itineraries may change depending on weather and sea conditions
  • Children need to be aged 10 years and over to take part in family adventure weeks
  • Height restrictions apply for children who wish to take part

Will I be in safe hands?

Yes, you will be well looked after. These activities are extremely physical, so only professional and fully trained instructors, with National Governing Body Awards, are used to ensure your safety and to guide you throughout the day. Take a few deep breaths and relax; you’re in safe hands.

As well as ensuring professional guides are there to look after you, you’ll also be equipped with high quality equipment during each activity.

Are these activities for me?

Adrenaline junkies will love everything we’ve listed here, but you don’t need to be one to enjoy the fun-packed weekend / week away. Anyone looking for a challenge and something a bit different will have a laugh and make new friends on the way.

Who said stag dos were all about boozing and losing your dignity on a night out? Make it a more memorable one with the specially tailored Stag Adventure Weekend to prepare you for the big day.


We know how it is, when the weekend arrives you just want to hibernate and shut off from the world to recover from your hectic work life - we’ve all been there! However, although we agree that a night in front of the TV with a glass of wine or a pint of beer at hand is perfect for unwinding, so is surrounding yourself with nature.

The weekend away in North Pembrokeshire will sweep away your troubles as you throw yourselves off of cliffs and explore caves and other mesmerising views. You’ll be full of energy and be ready to take on whatever work throws at you the next day.