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JCB Racing Experience Days

Race a JCB digger
Drive a JCB, mini digger, bulldozer or articulated dump truck or excavator and test your skills at the controls of some amazing construction machinery.

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JCB Racing and Digger Driving - Buyer's Guide

If you thought that a JCB was a slow moving vehicle only to be found on a building site, think again. Rather than just slowly shuffling materials around, dumping soil here and there, we're bringing out the tiger in JCB's by setting them free and turning them into racing machines. While it's not quite Formula 1 standards, there's plenty of excitement to be found as you take the wheel of this heavy beast and teach it how to do new tricks.

With an eight-tonne JCB at your command, you'll quickly realise that 20mph can be a lot more exciting than it sounds. With a great range of JCB's to choose from, we'll find something to suit your driving style to let you enjoy a day with a difference with prices starting from under £50!

Whatever takes your fancy or meets your budget, we've got something for anyone who has ever passed a building site jealously and wondered what it would be like to be behind the wheel. The seriousness of the building site is combined with the freedom of the 'racetrack' on our racing days, whilst the half-day experience gives a good insight into the power and demands of some exceptional vehicles.

With knowledgeable staff able to come up with original and exciting ideas we've got something for most budgets, whether it's a group day out with a difference or a more serious look into exactly how different vehicles work.

Where does it happen?

We've got venues right across the country from West Yorkshire to Devon to try out your building site skills.

What do I get for my money?

For less than £50 you can test your co-ordination with an evening at the wheel of a JCB, stepping up to a racing event will set you back around £150 whilst for a few pounds more you can tackle four different vehicles on a digging day to remember at Winchester.


For a fun night out after work it's hard to imagine better value than racing a JCB dumper amongst friends. Enjoy the power of getting the dumper up and running and race off against your friends, with two great time trials before the final race off and all the drama and tension with a prize up for grabs. The dumper is deceptively mobile, bounce over bumps and pick up pace enjoying a feeling of real power.


Step up a level or two and feel the extra power of an 8.5-tonne digger getting to work. After a safety briefing it's time to get into the cockpit and put your nerve and driving instinct to the test. Over three and a half hours you'll get to enjoy at least two heats, testing yourself against the clock as well as the other would-be digger driving devils. If you can come through that successfully then it's time for the grand finale, with a race-off that will have bragging rights to accompany the certificate to remind you of the time your driving skills conquered the elements at 20mph.

Driving time

For a more professional approach and to gain an insight into how a JCB operates, you can enjoy a great 90 minutes training that will provide more satisfaction than most Premier League matches can muster up.

After a safety briefing and introduction you'll be itching to get on-board and find out just how this apparently cumbersome machine operates. Learn how to drive the JCB, how to turn, dig into the ground and shift earth. Mastering the controls is no mean feat and working in a confined space requires plenty of discipline as you dig holes and shift the earth on.

The dig it half-day

Nothing is missed out as we show you the ropes with this action packed session, where you get to take charge of four different machines and discover what it's all about.

With a 25-tonne 6x6 articulated dump truck included you'll have the time of your life with a tank, bulldozer and excavator all to be handled. Experienced drivers will be on hand to introduce you to each machine, cover the safety grounds and let you enjoy a whole new field of high power driving. While the 6x6 artic might catch the eye, driving an excavator or mini digger can be just as challenging and enjoyable with this lively three-hour class testing you physically as well as providing lasting memories.

Once you get involved you'll find the demands interesting and a test of your physical ability as well as judgement. Putting a powerful 8.5-tonne digger through its paces is as far removed from driving your automatic car to the supermarket as it's possible to get. Manually crunching through gears, slicing through the ground or turf to remove earth and carrying soil to be dumped is not as easy as it looks as you gaze on from a distance.


All of these activities present their own challenges, which bring lots of satisfaction when completed correctly, or embarrassment if you draw a blank and realise that getting a digger to dig isn't as simple as it appeared on the tin. Experts will be on hand to guide you at all times, but for the more demanding tasks some instinct and judgement is required - qualities that can only be acquired by taking charge of the wheel.

With others taking part alongside you, it inevitably brings out the competitive nature in everyone taking part. Rather than working away solo on a building site, you can see how others are faring and set your sights to match or better them. For a great day away, different from the usual activities, book yourself in for the activity that catches your eye. Share some great affordable fun, knowing that there are plenty of similar activities available if you find yourself bitten or smitten by the JCB bug.