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Motorbike Experiences - Wheelie, Race & Jump !

Get to grips with motocross, trail and endurance bikes or just take a gentle ride through the British countryside as a pillion passenger on a Harley Davidson.

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Motorbike Rides - Buyers Guide

The enduring British love affair with the motorbike shows no sign of letting up, with interest higher than ever in two-wheeled excitement. Throughout the twentieth century to the present day, the motorbike has been the rebels’ choice of transport, with celebrities from Steve McQueen to George Clooney desperate to get on board two wheels to demonstrate their street cred.

We are well aware of the affection and appeal of the motorbike and have put together some amazing packages, which range from taking in London on a Harley Davidson through to a day at learning to ride or improving your skills on a motocross, enduro or trial bike.

With its adaptability, the motorbike has numerous uses on and off road, with technology able to pack as much power onto two wheels as you'll find in the average family car.

But how much?

None of the packages cost more than £250! A trip around London or Kent in the luxury and prestige of a Harley-Davidson is priced at little more than £150, whilst a full day attempting motocross at Silverstone comes in at less than £200.

Where can I get on a motorbike?

The motorbike experiences are mainly based in the south, with the Harley-Davidson runs available in London or Kent. The motocross lessons are in Silverstone, Shropshire and Staffordshire.

Harley-Davidson run

For a little taste of luxury and style there's no other bike to compare to a Harley-Davidson easing through the streets of London or flying along in the Kent countryside. Being pictured on a Harley-Davidson was essential for any budding celebrity in the 1950's, with the magic living on to the present day with the mention of those two words certain to register even with someone who has no interest in bikes.

Settle into the pillion seat for a ride around London and experience the head-turning impact for yourself. Along the congested tourist streets you will nip in and out of traffic, drawing admiration and jealousy in equal measures! Overhear the comments as you are stopped at traffic lights and smile back as the cameras click from young and old as they get close up to the famous bike, before speeding off at the sight of the green light.

With our experienced driver in control, you can enjoy all the trimmings associated with this bike; experience the attention it grabs, which probably attracted you to this ride in the first place.

If London isn't your scene and you prefer a faster approach to life, you can hit the high notes through the Kent countryside. Enjoy the familiar roads around Dartford, Margate, Gillingham and Sevenoaks from a different perspective as your driver burns up the miles in high speed luxury. Taking in the world at a different angle on board a Harley-Davidson provides unforgettable memories, whether it's around London town or the roads of Kent.

Off Road Biking

There are two great off-road options for the motocross enthusiast, putting you and your bike to the test with both options coming in around the £200 mark for a day to remember.

Take the dirt track tour and discover the difficulties and challenges presented by muddy tyres and the occasional water challenge. After a briefing about the track and conditions, you'll be on your own to test yourself and the bike to the limit. Over a well-used track you'll experience the thrills, the climbs and the falls, the sharp bends and the sudden changes in ground conditions to test your instinct and ability in equal measure. Being out off-road on your own over a testing track focuses concentration and is likely to bring out previously untested riding.