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Monster Truck Driving Experiences

Drive a Monster Truck
Attempt to control a Monster Truck with these fun driving days. See how easy it is to tackle any obstacle in your path when you're driving a vehicle the size of a small house!

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Guide to Monster Truck Driving Experiences

What is a Monster Truck exactly?

A monster truck is not a vehicle you see on the road during your daily travels, it’s a huge beast of a vehicle usually only seen on our television screens. Not many of us have actually seen one of these amazing vehicles in all of its steely glory before, so if you’re looking for a driving experience that’s a little bit different and guaranteed to put a smile on anyone’s face, then a drive in a Monster Truck is the only way to go!

I'm in! Where, when, why, who?

That's a lot of questions. We have a few different options when it comes to the Monster Trucks, each one just as exciting as the next and all held in East Sussex, currently the only place in the UK that offers the chance to get behind the wheel of one of these enormous machines.

The entry level experience allows you to take control of the 7.5ltr V8 American spec Monster truck, also known as Grizzly. With tyres that are a whopping 66 inches in diameter, the view from the driver's seat of Grizzly is commanding. Unless you’re a giant then a ladder will be needed to climb into the cab of this huge beast of a machine and once firmly strapped in you and one other paying customer will enjoy around 15 minutes of driving time each, both taking it in turns to manoeuvre Grizzly around cones, reverse into a space and finally drive over the top of two cars, definitely not something many people have done before!

That sounds great - what if I want more?

More!? No problem. We also offer an experience involving three very different vehicles, the first being a 2.4ltr Euro-spec monster truck, with 44 inch wheels. Black Ice as it’s known isn't as ginormous as Grizzly but we guarantee you’ll have just as much fun driving it. You will also take control of a Land Rover 90 and a stacked up jeep, both of which you will have to attempt to keep under control around the challenging off road course.

But if you want the ultimate Monster Truck experience go for the combination of the might of the awesome Grizzly with the steely determination of Black Ice, giving you the chance to pit both trucks against each other and compare the power, agility and fun-factor of both of these amazing machines. You will also tackle the off road course in a Land Rover 90 and go where no other vehicle can go in a 4x4 buggy, which you will have the chance to roll if you’re feeling brave enough.

Of course the customary vehicle crush is also included when driving Grizzly, it’s what this enormous truck was made to do!

So whichever package you choose, we can ensure that the thrill and excitement you’ll experience will stay with you for a long time but please note that driving over cars can be quite addictive and unfortunately not one that can be attempted when driving your own vehicle, so best bring someone with you to capture the moment on camera rather than demonstrating when at home!