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Mitsubishi Evo Driving Experience Days

Drive a Mitsubishi Evo 7 on a rally course or race track and experience the amazing handling of these motor racing legends. Locations available all over the UK.

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Mitsubishi Evo Driving Experiences

Do you ever dream of being a rally driver? Can you imagine driving through the dirt? These dreams can come true with the Mitsubishi Evo Driving Experiences. The experiences will leave you gasping for breath and there is something for everyone, with packages to suit everybody's tastes. Climb inside the Mitsubishi Evo Lancer and put the pedal to the metal at a number of rally courses throughout the UK, in the presence of qualified rally instructors. The choice and quality of Mitsubishi Driving Experiences will astound you. With prices starting from under £200, everybody can afford to get behind the wheel, buckle up and hit the dirt!

Overview of Packages

Whether it’s the duo driving experience, or the ultimate driving experience, there are packages to suit everyone's needs. All the driving experience packages enable you to experience the thrill of being behind the wheel of a powerful rally car. Or why not go for one of the combined packages, where you can take to the dirt in a rally car, and then climb into a supercar and experience the power and speed? Costs of the experiences vary, so make sure you check the current prices before you book.

Where can you experience the thrill of rallying?

There are a number of locations throughout the UK that the driving experiences can be undertaken. Climb into the rally cars in North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire, Oxfordshire and Lincolnshire. Or if you want to combine a supercar with the rally experience, this can be done in Yorkshire, Leicestershire, the Midlands and the South East. The Combined Rally and Supercar Day is available at Prestwold Hall, just outside Leicester.

Details of the experiences

The Mitsubishi Supercar Duo Driving Experience is an experience you will never forget, as you climb behind the wheel of the Mitsubishi Evolution Lancer. You will drive the ultimate in rally cars in this experience.

The Ultimate Mitsubishi Supercar Driving Experience is similar to the Duo, but with an extra session, more time on the track. Learn the basics, and then it's your turn to put yourself to the test, as you climb into the driving seat of this powerhouse.

These experiences are run in groups and the cars and instructors are shared. Spectators are welcome to come along, although there is an additional cost; enquire when booking your experience. All drivers must hold a full driving licence and this must be shown to instructors or staff on the day of the experience. The minimum age for taking part in these experiences is 18, and the maximum height is 6'6". Activity forms must be signed before the experience can begin.

The Ferrari and Rally Car Driving Thrill really will thrill you. Firstly you'll get to see some demonstration laps and then you're off. Get to grips with two distinct styles of driving, starting with the Ferrari. Just when you think you can't take any more, you'll be aboard a prepared rally car, and away you go again! Exhilaration!!

The minimum age for taking part in this experience is 18, and a full driving licence must be shown on the day of the experience. The minimum height is 5' and the maximum height is 6'4". At some locations the maximum height is 6'6", so check before you book. The maximum weight for participants is 16 stone, and spectators over the age of 11 are welcome.

Now for the big one! The Combined Rally and Supercar Day enables you to drive two rally cars and two supercars. The day starts with a safety briefing, and then the different cars are explained; now choose the car! Will you take on the Lamborghini Gallardo, the Aston Martin DB9 or the Ferrari 575? Maybe you fancy the Ferrari 360 or the Audi RS8, or if you really like a challenge, how about the Maserati Gran Turismo? As if that wasn't enough excitement, you'll get to drive each of the two cars you pick for seven miles each. Then you'll move onto driving the Mitsubishi Evolution V, but not on a rally track. You'll put it through its paces, or it'll put you through yours, on tarmac. Not content with all of that? Don't worry there's more. You can seat yourself in the VW Polo Group N rally car, and take to the gravel track. Because of the nature of this experience, Personal Accident insurance up to the value of £50,000 is included.

There is a minimum height limit of 5' for this experience and drivers should be no taller than 6'4". The maximum weight is 17 stone and all drivers must be 17 or above, and in possession of a full UK manual driving licence. 17 year olds can participate but will need parental consent. It is recommended that all people taking part in this experience are of good health and physically fit.

Which experience should you try out?

The driving experience you select is purely down to personal choice, but if you want the ultimate experience, then the thrill of the Combined Rally and Supercar Day is a difficult one to beat. The chance to choose which cars you will drive, and the multiple experiences on offer on the day, make this is great value for money.


Restrictions vary depending on which experience you choose, so check the individual restrictions before booking.

What happens before you can drive?

All experiences begin with a safety briefing and then you're on the track with a fully qualified rally instructor. Driving licences will be checked, you'll be given the correct safety equipment and clothing. Once this has been done then the fun really begins, as you take the plunge into the world of rally driving.

What happens at the end of the driving experiences?

You will be pumped full of adrenaline and want to do it all over again. The rallying experiences really do push you to the limit, and are a must for any self-respecting lover of driving.