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Massage and Holistic Treatments

Unwind and relax with a stress busting massage. At Experience Mad you'll find massages at top spas across the UK, for men, women or couples!

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Massage and Holistic

Anyone fancy a massage? Oooh, yes please! If your boss has been working you like a robot or if you’ve been sticking to your weekly gym plan - well done, you deserve some serious pampering. But hey, let’s face it; you don’t need to be a workaholic or gym bunny to treat yourself to a luxurious day at the spa.

Massages are said to have a number of beneficial factors that can help to improve an individual’s overall wellbeing. Some of these benefits include: getting rid of muscle knots which are created by tension in the muscle, improving sleep, reducing your heart rate to relax the mind and body, and promoting a more positive outlook on life.

About the treatments

Massage therapies listed in this section are specifically designed to suit a wide range of individuals. For example, some treatments won’t be suitable for pregnant women but there is one package especially designed for those carrying a child. Other experiences will require participants who have access to the steam room, sauna and spa, to be relatively fit and healthy due to hot temperatures, while a 25-minute refreshing and relaxing massage may be more suitable for a wider range of individuals.

All treatments are carried out by professional and qualified therapists who will ensure you have a relaxing and pleasant experience. Some of the treatments that you can pick from include: full body massages, aromatherapy back massages and Swedish back treatments.

Depending on the massage session you choose, some spas will also give you a full day’s access to the club's facilities. There’s nothing quite like enjoying the rest of your day splashing around in the pool or relaxing your muscles and joints while unwinding in the steam rooms. Ah, bliss!

What to expect on the day

You’ll meet your therapist and have an informal chat about your lifestyle to get a general idea of how well you look after yourself. The therapist may also ask if there are any areas of your body that you deem problematic. He or she will focus on these areas during the session to loosen any tension you have.

If you are on medication or have just undergone surgery, now is the time to come clean and let your therapist know. Sometimes, medication can affect the same systems in your body as massages do and this may cause a health hazard that can easily be avoided.

Depending on your chosen massage, experiences will last from 25 minutes to an hour and you’ll be expected to strip down to your underwear before resting and relaxing on the massage beds. Towels and bath robes will be provided by the spa during your stay.


Treatments for individuals range from £30 to £80, while packages for two people usually fall between £60 and £200. Who said all this pampering had to cost an arm and a leg?


Experiences are conveniently scattered around London and much of England, such as Hampshire, Essex, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. There are also some spas located in Scotland and Wales.


Please bear in mind the listed points below before selecting your massage therapy or for the person you’re planning to buy the experience for:

  • Not all packages include full usage of the club’s facilities after the massage – please check before you buy.
  • Children are forbidden to use the spa, so please do not bring them with you.
  • Massages can't be performed on people who are diabetic, have high blood pressure or have recently had surgery.
  • Participants with health issues will require a doctor's note prior to treatments.
  • Participants should be reasonably fit and healthy, especially if they are planning to use the sauna and steam rooms.
  • It’s your responsibility to inform the club of any medication conditions or disabilities prior to booking your treatments.
  • Most treatments are unsuitable for pregnant women.


You’re sure to have a relaxing day at the chosen venue, we can guarantee you that. Only fully trained and qualified therapists are used to perform the massages described above, so rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands throughout the whole session.

If you are unsure of which treatment to go for, perhaps you should try the indulgent 25-minute massage as a taster before working your way to the full body option. First timers and participants alike will really feel the difference after the treatment, as muscle knots are soothed away and your body and mind are relaxed.

Make the most of your pampering day by opting to go for experiences that also enable you full access to the spa’s facilities. Of course, the spa day won’t be the same without your best friend or family member present to keep you company in the steam room or to relax by the pool – remember to book them on the same experience day as yourself!