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Lotus Driving Experience Days

Get behind the wheel of the amazing Lotus Elise and experience the breathtaking handling as you power your way around a UK race track or airfield course. Lotus Elise driving experiences are also available as part of a super car driving day and locations are available all over the UK.

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Lotus Driving Experiences – Buyer’s Guide

Fancy feeling the power of a British legend as you race around one of the UK’s famous tracks? Why not feed your need for speed in a Lotus Driving Experience? The Lotus is famous for its lightweight feel of driving and handling ability. Before you book your dream day, take a look at our buyer’s guide and consider which car and experience will feed your need for speed!

Since the 1940s, the Lotus has been engineered and shaped to embrace new technologies and demands from the market. Founder Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman had a passion for motorsport and this has been carried on in his legacy. There is a Lotus experience to suit every driver, whether it is the classic cars you prefer or a modern supercar sure to get the adrenaline pumping.

For those who like a modern day speed machine then a Lotus Elise supercar driving experience should leave you gripping onto the steering wheel. Experiences start from around £100 and can be enjoyed at one of three locations.

The Locations:

The Donington Park race track is situated in Derbyshire and has a heritage that dates back to the pre-war period. It has played host to an array of motorsport events, including the 1993 European Grand Prix and the British Superbike Championship. Experience the track of former champions as you glide around McLean’s corner and put the Elise handling to the test on the tricky Melbourne Hairpin.

Try the track of the Three Sisters recreation ground near Wigan in Lancashire. Usually used for karting, the course offers bends aplenty and is the perfect route to see what the Elise is capable of.

Or you can drive like the professionals around the famous Silverstone race course dubbed ‘the home of British motor racing’. The iconic circuit unusually stretches across the Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire border and offers a range of routes for you to test your new found skills on.

Hear the Elise engine roar as you speed away from the start line and choose from the Stowe, National, International, Bridge Grand Prix and Arena Grand Prix circuits. Home to the British Grand Prix, motorsport fans can live the dream as they speed around this famous course.

The Elise:

The Lotus Elise will leave spectators in a cloud of dust as you accelerate to speeds of up to 125mph in just 5.7 seconds. Slide around corners and experience superb handling as you enjoy three laps in which you can test all your new skills and techniques taught by a qualified instructor.

First showcased in early 1994, the lightweight Lotus Elise series 1 boasts acceleration of 0-60mph in just 5.8 seconds. With a sleek interior and attractive body, the Elise has won many awards including Best Sports Car 2004 by BBC Top Gear Magazine. The Series 1 Elise has a relatively low power output of just 118bhp but this does not affect the car’s superb braking, and cornering ability.

The Exige:

Another Lotus speed legend graces the Silverstone track and is available for you to take for a spin. The nimble Lotus Exige is a lightweight speed machine, which will leave you feeling weightless as you nip around the track. With its supercharged Toyota motor, the Exige will test your handling skills as you take corners and accelerate to high speeds.

Speed demons can choose between two Lotus Exige driving experiences at iconic Silverstone. For those with a need for a speed, opt for the Lotus Exige Thrill at Silverstone starting from around £120. You can enjoy five adrenaline fuelled laps with an expert instructor acting as your wing man, offering guidance on skills and techniques. For those with a slightly bigger budget and looking for a more intense experience choose the Lotus Exige driving experience at Silverstone, priced at around £185. Your experience will include a full briefing, nine laps of the southern circuit and de-brief. Then fasten that seatbelt as the professionals show you how it is done in a high speed passenger ride. Brag to your mates with a commemorative certificate to mark the occasion.


For those vintage sports car fans, slide into the driver’s seat of the Lotus Cortina and experience true motorsport heritage. Where better to drive such a legendary car then iconic motorsport mecca, Goodwood!

Goodwood is an historic circuit for both two and four-wheel motor racing and is home to some of the most famous motorsport racing events in the calendar of any supercar enthusiast. Enjoy the 2.4-mile circuit on the grounds of Goodwood house as you tear round corners and push the pedal to the metal.

The British Classics Driving Thrill at Goodwood is perfect for lovers of vintage vehicles. You can drive three of the most highly respected vintage vehicles of motorsport and all for around £230. Experience the superb handling of the Jaguar E Type, the thrill of the Aston Martin DB4 and, the phenomenal adrenaline hit of the Lotus Cortina. Enjoy three laps inside each legend and take the magic home with a commemorative certificate. Spectators can share the moment as you race around the track in these vintage supercars.

The Lotus Cortina is a timeless beauty and result of an engineering collaboration between Ford and Lotus. Combined with a family car, the results will leave your heart pumping as your experience pure power with superb handling.

The Verdict:

There are many different Lotus experiences which capture a vast history of supercar craftsmanship. Before making your choice, look into the specifications of each vehicle and decide what you would like to gain from your day at the track. Each car is unique and will offer you a slightly different experience in regard to handling, speed and thrills.