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Introduction to Horse Riding for One

Experience the true beauty of the New Forest National Park on this enchanted horse riding opportunity - perfect for anyone and everyone, even beginners!
South East: Hampshire

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In Brief

  • Your day will begin with a warm welcome and a warm cup of tea. Followed by a talk about what to expect on your experience.
  • You will then meet your trusty steed and be shown how to mount and sit comfortably.
  • A 30 minute lesson in the ménage will then follow, this will help you get used to being in the saddle and teach you the basics of controlling your horse.
  • Once everyone is ready, you'll then head out to the forest for your 1.5 hour hack.
  • Your pace will be no faster than a trot and so beginners are more than suited for this fun experience.
  • Your entire experience will last around 2.5 hours.

What happens on the day?

Spend a fun day exploring the New Forest. You will have the chance to be introduced to horse riding and at the same time discover this beautiful natural marvel, with its gorgeous wildlife and its splendid Bluebell-filled landscapes.

This introduction to horse riding includes a half-hour lesson before your hack through the forest, this will help to build your confidence, as well as introduce you to your steed and teach you the ropes.

The New Forest will welcome you and your horse as you meander along the tracks for an hour and a half enjoying all its beauties. From charming plains full of Bluebells and wild animals to woods and ancient paths, your horse will guide you quietly through this peaceful environment.

What else do I need to know?

  • Voucher valid for 10 months.
  • Available on weekends and other selected dates, not available on Mondays.
  • Min age - 9 years, Max weight - 14 stone (89 kg).
  • Long trousers and boots with a small heel must be worn, flat soled shoes are not suitable.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Your hack will be at walking pace and will move to a trot once everyone is ready. You will not canter or gallop. Paces cannot be guaranteed as you may be slowed for safety reasons.
  • When booking, please inform if the participant is disabled or has a medical condition.
  • This experience is not suitable for pregnant women.


Where can I do it?

South East: Hampshire (New Milton)


Great ExperienceReview by Tammy, Southampton
My husband had a great day, the New Forest staff were really friendly and answered all of his questions. There was also free tea and coffee for me and th other spectators, and I was able to watch him as he learned how to jump over small fences. It was a great day, but now I really want a go!

Location: Hampshire

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