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Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hot air ballooning
Enjoy a tranquil hot air balloon flight, floating gently over the British countryside. With launch sites located across the UK, a hot air balloon flight makes a great gift for someone special.

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Guide to Hot Air Balloon Experiences

If there is someone special in your life who you think is deserving of an extra-special treat, then why not give them the gift of flight with a magical hot air balloon ride.

Many of us have taken to the skies in a plane at some point in our lives and we all know just how manic and stressful the whole process of flying in a plane can be. Taking to the skies doesn’t have to be such a distressing experience, it should be one that is enjoyed and marvelled at, it should make you feel like you never want to come back down. This is where the gift of a hot air balloon ride is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to experience the tranquillity of flight.

Okay, I'm interested, tell me more!

Our prices start from as little as £149 and each package gives the recipient a wide choice of take-off locations from all around the country, so they shouldn't have too much trouble with finding one not too far from home.

Each flight will last around one hour but the experience doesn’t begin and end with just the flight, everyone on board can expect their entire experience to last around three to four hours. Hot air balloon experiences are quite hands on as members of the flight are expected to help out getting the balloon set up beforehand; it takes more than one man to get the balloon into the sky, so be prepared to help out where you can!

Once up in the air, you will soar serenely through the sky, taking in all the wonderful sights of the countryside below.

Will it be just me or will other people want to share my balloon space?

On board with you will be up to 15 other passengers but don’t worry about feeling over crowded, the baskets generally have compartments big enough for two to four people, so you will have you own space to enjoy the view. Cameras and binoculars are welcome and many baskets have storage for them; you really will kick yourself if you don’t bring something to capture the moment as the views are breath-taking and we guarantee you’ll be showing them to friends and family as soon as you land.

Is it scary?

The flight itself is a wonderfully, calming experience but when it comes to landing it becomes a bit more of an adventure!

You will not land at the spot where you took off from, because a hot air balloon cannot be steered, there is no set landing area, your pilot will simply begin looking for a suitable area to come down to after around 45 minutes of flight time. As you prepare to land all passengers will need to take the seated landing position, this position will keep you safe during landing as it can sometimes get a bit bumpy, possibly with the basket dragging along the ground until it stops.

This is all absolutely normal and just adds a little thrill to the end of the flight!

Blimey, I'm gonna need a drink after all that!

Once firmly back onto solid ground, the ground crew would have tracked the balloon and will arrive not too long after your landing and will help pack the balloon away and as all of our packages include a glass of champagne, they will help you to toast the end of a wonderful experience and pass certificates round for all who flew, something you don’t get at the end of a plane flight, that’s for sure!