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Helicopter Flying Experiences, Trial Flights and Lessons

Fly a helicopter
Take the controls of a helicopter for an unforgettable 20, 30 or 60 minute trial flight. Most helicopter flying lessons are available on weekdays or weekends, with experiences taking place at locations across the UK.

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Helicopter Flying Lessons

With helicopter travel becoming more and more popular, we've put together a range of affordable packages to cater for everyone regardless of where you are in the country and how much you would like to spend on giving someone an incredible gift they'll never forget.

While the super-rich travel around in their own jets, more and more commuters are finding value in helicopter travel, cutting out congestion and making door-to-door flights possible. To cater for this growing demand, we have teamed up with airfields across the country to provide you with the chopper ride to fit your budget.

It's a helicopter so it must be expensive, right?

Most of our packages cost less than a return flight to Paris - or the cost of filling your car up with petrol for a month. Starting off at less than £150 and rising up to around £300, you can enjoy the magic of flying a helicopter for less than you may have thought. If you are really serious about things you can have a full day's training and two hours flying time towards your licence for a little over £500.

I just want to give it a try

We've found a dozen different airfields where you can take your first helicopter ride for not much more than £100. Your 20 minutes in a Robinson R22 will be split evenly between some training and taking control. Before returning to land, you'll have found out the secrets of how to climb, descend, as well as how to manoeuvre the ‘copter, and may well have been bitten by the bug as you look down on the countryside from a brand new angle.

For the more adventurous you can step up to half an hour of flying time from around £150, with locations from Aberdeen via Carlisle to Bournemouth as well as the Irish base at Newtownards. All of our options take place under the experienced eye of a qualified pilot, who will take you through the mechanics of helicopter travel as well as the essential safety features. Your pilot will be delighted to answer questions, delving into their wealth of experience and happy to pass on their know-how.

While airplane travel has become a security minefield in recent years, you'll never forget your first helicopter ride. Stepping on board, strapping yourself in and putting in the earplugs all help to build up a great sense of anticipation, before the whizz of the blades takes your breath away.

A few twists and turns of the dashboard and your pilot will be lifting you straight up into the air with the same ease that you'd accelerate away from the traffic lights. The slow build-up of taxiing along an airport runway is bypassed as you look out in awe as your flight begins; whisking you quickly and effortlessly into a journey unlike anything you've ever known before.

Can I take a passenger?

With our four seater 30 minute helicopter session in a Robinson R44 you can even take a friend along for the ride. There is an aviation rule that says one passenger is allowed on these flights at the discretion of the pilot on the day, which means the passenger ride element should be considered a bonus to the experience of flying a four seat trainer helicopter. It's rare for the pilot to exercise his discretion but it is all in the interests of safety which of course is always the priority.

The four seater option is also perfect for anyone over the normal weight limits due to its' ability to carry more people. Weight restrictions still apply of course but this is our usual recommended solution for anyone exceeding the standard weight limits for trainer helicopters.

Ferry across the Mersey?

If you are based in the north-west, why not book yourself a 30-minute helicopter ride over Liverpool? Look down on a city at work, the queues at each end of the Mersey Tunnel, marvel at the closeness of Anfield and Goodison Park on either side of Stanley Park and, on a clear day, admire the views around Southport and out beyond the Irish Sea.

On this trip you'll get to appreciate the convenience of helicopter travel and learn the basics of how to handle the chopper, with your pilot managing the conditions and explaining their thought processes.

Let’s get serious with an Away Day

If it's more than a laugh and something different to tell your friends about that you’re after, then we have a fantastic all-day training package that includes two hours of flying time towards your pilot’s licence. This popular course will teach you as much as you need to know about flying a helicopter and could be the launchpad for a new career or interesting hobby.

The fun side will still be present, but your pilot will explain and take you through all of the basics that are part of every helicopter journey. You'll begin to understand the dashboard and get a grasp for radio control, whilst learning to appreciate how to take control of various different situations at once, from reading the weather conditions ahead to taking in instructions from air traffic control.

With two hours of flying time built into your day, you'll have plenty of opportunities to put your classroom lessons into practice and tap into the experiences of your trainer. We'll balance your day out between the classroom and time in the air, ensuring that you are never overburdened by theory or feeling out of your depth at the controls of the chopper.

As your confidence and experience grows, you'll find yourself instinctively making the right moves, becoming comfortable in control and anticipating the important decisions that are required. The excitement of being in a helicopter and enjoying the stunning views will slowly slip away as the controls of the helicopter start to dominate your thoughts, and your instructor eases back into the role of passenger.


Whatever your budget or level of interest, we can help put you up into the skies, enjoying a great helicopter ride. Throughout the country, we've got flying options to suit you and your budget.

All of our events are hosted by fully-qualified pilots with hours of flying experience and the ability to pass that information onto you. The mystique of flying will be explained step-by-step and, whether or not it's the first steps towards a pilot’s licence, it is guaranteed to provide memories that will stand the test of time.

Feel free to bring along your camera and take some fantastic pictures of your day with a difference. Shock and surprise your friends by sending them your pictures or get them uploaded onto Facebook by the time you are back on firm ground. These trips are put together with fun in mind and sharing the joy and excitement that only a helicopter ride can bring.

There is no specific 'type' of customer for these great trips - a helicopter ride can be as appealing to a reserved housewife in her fifties as it is to an action man 'wannabe' just out of his teens and looking for an extra slice of excitement. With options throughout the country, you could be just a couple of clicks away towards enjoying your first helicopter flying lesson.