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Wine Tasting Experiences, Vineyard and Brewery Tours

Treats for people who love wine and beer. We offer gift vouchers for wine tasting experiences, vineyard tours and brewery tours, the perfect gift for drink connoisseurs, with locations across the UK.

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Guide to Wine Tasting Experiences

Many of us enjoy a nice glass of wine to help relax of a weekend, whatever your favourite tipple is be it red, white or rosé, there’s nothing quite like a refreshing glass of your favourite wine when the moment calls for it. But what if you want to know more about plonk, as it's known in the trade? We have the solution - whether you want to relax, celebrate or treat someone, a wine tasting experience is the perfect way to educate yourself whilst having fun and enjoying a glass or two at the same time.

The variety of wine tasting experiences we currently offer is wide ranging and so there are various options, depending on your preferences. Beginning with our wine and brewery tours, here you will get to sample the best of both worlds when it comes to alcoholic consumption. Tour around some of the most successful combined breweries and enjoy sampling both wine and beer as you go.

Other packages we have allow you to take a self-guided tour around a selection of wines during a specially set up wine tasting evening. With your tokens in hand, you will have the freedom to pick and choose your favourite wines and enjoy sampling them at your leisure. During the tours you will learn about the various key wine making regions around the world and will be able to compare the various reds, whites and rosé coming out of these different vineyards.

Can I visit a real vineyard?

Indeed you can. If you’re more interested in the English wine making process, then a tour around one of the many UK vineyards will help you to understand the process required to help make our English wines stand up against their worldly rivals. The majority of the vineyard tours offered also include a tasty extra such as a delicious afternoon tea or a filling lunch, helping to make the tour a wonderfully relaxing experience.

Keep an eye out for the packages that also include a free bottle of the vineyard's own wine which you can take home and enjoy long after the experience has ended.

I'd like to know which wines suit which foods

Maybe you like to host dinner parties for friends and family but struggle to get to grips with that unique art of matching the food with a wine that will complement each course through the evening. We have some experiences which can help you out with this, whether you prefer to cook spicy, sweet or enjoy a cheese board then our Matching Food and Wine Workshops will teach you the best wines to opt for depending on course or taste and also what to look for when ordering wine with a meal when out at a restaurant.

These are fun, informative sessions which will leave you feeling more confident the next time you want to entertain friends and family.

Whichever package best suits you, we all know that anything involving a glass of wine cannot be a bad thing and is always a popular choice when looking for a gift for those who enjoy some of the finer things in life.