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Aeroplane Flying Experiences, Trial Flights and Lessons

Learn to fly a plane
Our range of Flying Lessons and Trial Flights are perfect gifts for anyone who has ever wanted to take the controls of a light aircraft or learn to fly a plane. We have locations UK wide for everything from 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute lessons in a fixed wing plane, right up to 3 or 5 hour introductory private pilots licence courses (PPL).

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Flying Lessons

Have you ever fancied learning to fly? This is a now a real possibility and with prices starting from under £100, the cost needn't be an obstruction. The range of flying lessons that can be experienced include introductory lessons, helicopter flying tutorials, and even pilot licence starter courses. The choice of location for the flying lessons is huge with most areas of the UK covered.

Let professional flight instructors guide you through, take the controls and before long you'll be flying a plane. Ascend to heights of over 2,000 feet and marvel at the beautiful country below. Whichever package you choose, this is sure to be an experience that will take you to the edge and one that you'll never forget.

Overview of Packages

The range of available packages is vast and there are a number of flying lessons that will appeal to anyone who has ever had the urge to take the controls of a plane. Whether it is a simple half hour lesson in a two-seater plane, or a longer edition in a four-seater alternative, there is an experience for you.

Other options include flying both a helicopter and a plane on the same day, or for those of you who want to push yourselves to the limit, then how about some aerobatics? For the really serious enthusiast there is the pilot licence starter course, so whatever the experience you are looking for, there really is something for everyone.

Where can you take to the skies?

There is a huge range of locations for various flying lessons, and most of the UK is covered. When booking the experience you want, check to see where the nearest location is.

Details of the flying lesson choices

The most basic packages available are the ones that offer half an hour of aeroplane flying lessons. You will, with the help of a professional flying instructor, experience something that will stay with you forever. Fly over beautiful countryside or famous landmarks and even bring a friend along to be a passenger for the lesson in a four-seater plane; get airborne!

If half an hour doesn't seem like long enough, how about a full 60-minute flying lesson? There are a variety of these available, and the extra time in the plane means that you get more time at the controls, as well as an extended bird’s eye view. The different experiences include lessons in two and four-seater planes, and by the end of the hour you will have the flying bug. All lessons are in the company of an expert flying instructor, so you can get used to the controls and then you can take command.

Not content with simply pushing yourself to the limit flying a plane? Why not combine the flying tutorial with a lesson on how to fly a helicopter? A short briefing on the ground is followed by the helicopter lesson. Learn how to hover in this beast of a flying machine, and then have a go yourself behind the controls.

Once you land you'll want to get straight back up again, and with these packages you can repeat your experience. This time, climb aboard the chopper and have a one to one lesson with the qualified instructor. Another 30 minutes of bliss at heights of up to 2,000 feet will follow. You will also get the chance to take control of the plane again, and at the end of the day you will receive a certificate to remind you of your special day.

One hour of flying time not enough? How about three hours? Or even five! That is possible with the range of private pilot licence packages. Whether you want to pilot a two or four-seater, you can enjoy several hours at the highest vantage points. A fully qualified instructor will guide you through a variation of theory and practical lessons and you will not only learn how to take control in the air, but the tricky bits are covered as well. Learn how to take off, ascend and descend. You'll even be taught how to land the plane. These sessions often lead to people coming back for more to complete their pilot's licence. So climb aboard and start working towards taking to the skies whenever you like.

For those who think that flying along in a straight line or taking simple turns is not thrilling enough, how about the Flying Lesson and Aerobatics Flight? This once in a lifetime experience will pair you with a qualified instructor. After a short period of flying, you will get to experience 20 minutes of loop the loops, wing overs and other heart-stopping manoeuvres. If the instructor thinks you are capable you may even get the chance to perform the aerobatics yourself.

Which lesson is for you?

Beginners will probably want to start off with a 30-minute lesson, but the thrill may well see you booking in for a longer flight. If you really enjoy yourself, you might catch the bug, and then the private pilot licence courses or the aerobatics will catch your eye. Whichever you choose, you are sure to experience the time of your life.


There are a number of restrictions for all the different packages. These do vary so it is best to check the specifications before you book the flights. In the case of bad weather, some lessons may not take place. It is advisable to call the centre where your lesson is due to take place on the morning of the flight, to ensure your day will go ahead.

What happens before the flight?

Most lessons include a full briefing before you climb aboard the plane or helicopter. You will fly with the instructor and they will take you through the controls, and then it is your turn. Marvel at the sights as you climb and climb into the sky.

What happens after the flight?

You will take some time to come back down to earth, as the exhilaration that you feel will stay with you for some time. You may find yourself wanting to do it all over again. The sky really is the limit!