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Floatation Therapy Experiences

Feel your tension drift away with a floatation therapy session. Gift vouchers available for flotation experiences across the UK.

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Flotation Therapy

Are you stressed out? Do you need to unwind? Or do you simply want to feel relaxed and refreshed? With the Flotation Therapy relaxation days, an invigorated mind and body is but a few steps away, and all at a price that won’t break the bank - these affordable packages start from below £50.

Whether you want to float in a room or a tank, or you want to combine a flotation experience with a spa day, there are a number of different options available to suit every taste. Floating is proven to relax the whole body, and the mind. So, if you need to unwind and take the weight off of your feet then these relaxation days are ideal for you. So why not shake off the stresses of everyday life and treat yourself to the absolute relaxation experience?

Overview of Packages

Whether you simply want to relax in a flotation tank, or you want to have a full-day spa experience with flotation therapy included, there are a number of packages available that can suit your needs. Everyone needs some relaxation from time to time and the flotation therapy days are the ideal way to soothe those worries away. Prices vary depending on the experience you choose, so check the package tariffs when booking your choice.

Where can you experience the relaxation?

The flotation therapy relaxation days are available in a number of locations, depending on the package you choose. The Dream Float and Spa Day Experience is only available in Warwickshire, whilst all the other packages are available at various locations throughout the UK. Check for the nearest location when booking.

Which flotation therapy experience is the one for me?

The Flotation Experience is fabulous for letting the stresses and strains of everyday life escape from your mind. Relax your body and spirit, suspended in a tank of refreshing fluid. The health benefits of the therapy are clear to see. Ease those levels of stress, and at the same time reduce your blood pressure. This amazing experience can also help to improve your memory, and will leave you feeling refreshed and alive.

The Flotation Tank Experience will make you feel more relaxed than you thought possible. You will float in 10 inches of an Epsom Salt solution. Balance your mind and your body, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to take on life with renewed vigour. Any anxiety will simply escape from your body as you your worries literally float away. The experience is available in Bristol, London and Yorkshire. The facilities in Yorkshire are slightly different, but no less relaxing. Here, you will float on a water-filled bed, but the feelings of rejuvenation will be the same as those experienced in the tank. These sensations really are like no other you will have experienced before.

If you're not content with the flotation tank alone, why not combine it with a full spa day experience? Revitalise your body and mind with this wonderfully relaxing day, which also includes lunch. You will enjoy a full hour of flotation, as you are wrapped in a specifically designed bed. The ‘Dream Float’ experience also includes a body scrub, and you can arrive from 09:00 on the day. The experience will continue until 17:00, so it really is a day that will leave you refreshed. Your body, mind and spirit are taken to levels of tranquility that you wouldn't have thought possible.

Robes, slippers and towels are provided, so all you need to do is turn up and be pampered. The facilities included in this wonderful package are the use of the steam room, swimming and the hydro pool. You will even be able to make use of the gymnasium and exercise studios, so there really is something to cater to everyone's needs. Even if you didn't feel stressed when you started the day, the relaxation that enters your whole body will astound you. So indulge yourself with this amazing day of relaxation.

How can I choose just one package?

The package you choose will depend on how much stress relief you need. If you simply want to glide your troubles away, then the flotation tank experiences are for you, however if you feel like really pushing the boat out, then the full day Dream Float Experience and spa are excellent alternatives. Either way, your body and mind will be well rejuvenated as you return to the daily grind.


The only restrictions on the selected packages are that the minimum age is 18, and that pregnant women are advised not to enter the floatation tanks due to the saline solution used. So nearly everyone can experience the revitalisation that these packages provide.

Are there any other benefits provided?

As if the feeling of ultimate tranquillity wasn't enough, the flotation tank experience can also be beneficial in a number of other ways. The practice is proven to increase the blood flow, reducing blood pressure. It also assists and reduces the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, asthma and arthritis. The memory can be improved, and the flotation itself can also assist with other health problems.

What happens before you can relax?

All you need to do is book the package and turn up. Robes, slippers and towels are provided with some of the packages, so check if the package you choose provides these. The flotation therapy can be achieved with the lights turned on or off, depending on your preference. Once you are there, simply lie back and let the flotation tank wash those stresses and worries away.

What happens after the experience?

Once the experience is over, you will feel revitalised, relaxed and fully recovered. The flotation tank is the most effective way of reducing those stress levels, and treating yourself to how you should always feel; stress-free.