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Flight Simulator Experiences

Test your flying skills in an airline flight simulator, typically based on a B737. Ever wondered if you could land a real airliner? Now you can find out, even if you have no previous flying experience, by taking the controls of a flight simulator.

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Flight Simulator Experiences

Forget everything you know about flight simulators, because you have seen nothing yet! The flight simulators of old would have you sitting in a virtual pod, whilst a screen would show you a movie and the simulator would jig around in sync with the movie for a short time before releasing you back into the world. This would leave you with a small rush of adrenaline, but I bet you still wanted more.

Well this is a thing of the past...

Be prepared to enter the flight simulators of the 21st Century. Complete with working buttons and levers, this new flight simulator will give you the experience of taking off, flying and landing a real plane, without setting foot off the ground. You become the pilot, with your ‘co-pilot’ instructor sat right next to you to give you a full and authentic experience of controlling a plane.

Take to the virtual skies as the simulator lets you choose from over 500 airports to start and finish your journey at, giving you the most realistic flight experience possible.

With the flight simulator in full swing you will be the pilot, the control of the plane is in your hands. Picture the scene as you roll onto the runway, taking your cabin of passengers safely to their destination - you are the star of this virtual show.

The ‘pod’

The flight simulator pod looks as much like a real plane cockpit as possible. On entry you are greeted by a vast dashboard of knobs and switches, everything that a real plane needs to be able to take to the skies. The screens are set up to look like the front windows of the plane and if you didn’t know any better you would think that you are standing in a real plane cockpit.

The virtual plane itself is based on the Boeing 737 plane and the cockpit, dashboard, pod aesthetic and simulation all reflect the unique Boeing design.

Every effort has been made to make the flight simulator experience feel as real as possible. Great detail has been put into the simulator programme itself and each one of the 500 airports is portrayed on screen exactly as it would look in real life. No expense is spared on detail as men with paddles even guide you down and into the airport.

What can I expect?

When you have arrived at the flight simulator you will be taken inside and introduced to your co-pilot and fully trained instructor for the day. Your co-pilot will show you the ropes and talk you through the workings of the cockpit. There is lots to learn as the instructor walks you through what each button and lever inside the cockpit does and how to operate the virtual plane.

Next it is time to choose your location and destination. Are you travelling from London Heathrow or New York’s famous JFK airport? Type it in and then pick your location. Where do you fancy? Perhaps a relaxing trip to the Bahamas or Australia for a holiday would be nice? If that is not for you and you fancy more of a challenge then why not try landing in an icier climate such as Iceland or Russia? You are completely in control of the plane and its destination.

After your briefing it is time to take control of the plane for your practice run. Don’t worry if you crash the first time round; that is what the practice run is for. Once you have got to grips with the controls, you should be ready to take your first full flight.

The passengers are all ready to go, so it’s time to take to the skies. Manoeuvre the plane to the correct starting position, accelerate at speed and take off into the air. Once airborne; keep checking your altitude, cabin pressure and balance of the plane to give a smooth and comforting ride whilst flying. It will not be long before it is time to land - line your plane up and start to descend through the clouds and safely touch down onto the runway. Your flight simulator experience is now complete!

Prices can start from £50 and should not exceed £200, but this is all dependent on the length and type of experience you are after. Packages can range from 15 minute tasters to one hour long journeys through the skies to your destination. For the most authentic experience opt for the B737 at Bournemouth where a real pilot training simulator is used which accurately mimics the experience of flying a real jet airliner.

Where can I find the flight simulators?

There are currently just a few locations across the UK that offer the flight simulator pod experience, but there are plans for further development in the near future, so it is always worth having a look for a simulator near you.

Locations such as Bournemouth, Maidenhead and Westfield’s White City Shopping Centre in London host the flight simulator, making this an experience rarely accessible to the public.


The flight simulator package is perfect for a budding pilot who wants a chance to experience what it is really like to fly a plane. If flying does not form part of your future career plans then do not worry as you will enjoy the experience just as much.

Your flying adventure could not feel more realistic and unique without setting foot in and flying a Boeing 737 yourself. Even the instructor plays along and wears his co-pilot uniform to make the experience more authentic.

For many, the experience is so genuine that the nerves even kick in when you begin to take off for your first ever flight. The feeling upon landing is one of pride and adulation as you have completed your journey, safely taking your passengers to their destination; you have done it!

Every moment of this experience should be cherished as it is an exciting adventure like no other. The one of a kind nature of this package means that it is a must-try activity not to be missed. After all... when is the next time you will get to fly a plane?