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Birds of Prey Experience Cheshire

Learn to handle and fly birds of prey with this fun falconry experience in Cheshire!
North West: Cheshire

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In Brief

  • Enjoy an informative tour around the centre.
  • Learn about the various birds and their abilities and characteristics.
  • Spend time learning the basics of handling and flying the birds to your fist.
  • Your experience will conclude with a Hawk walk.
  • Please allow 3 hours for this experience.

What happens on the day?

This is not the Colca Canyon in Peru with its great condor pass, but it is the next best thing. It may even be better than Peru thanks to the numerous unique activities you will experience with these birds of prey.

You will have the chance to spend three hours with different kinds of birds of prey; all magnificent and impressive. You will get a tour of the centre’s facilities, with a focus on the birds of prey and their characteristics. The tour includes very interesting information about the hunting habits and speed capabilities of each species.

This is a great opportunity for anyone fascinated by birds and animals in general. If you are just curious about these giant predators, this is also a great chance to learn and discover these majestic animals.

Everyone will get excited about the more practical aspect of this experience. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to handle and fly the birds to the fist, under the constant guidance of the trainer. You will also have the chance to go on a hawk walk and to take some incredible and unique photographs with these prestigious animals. Even if this experience is unforgettable, it’s always better to have pictures to remind you that it wasn’t just a dream.

What else do I need to know?

  • Voucher valid for 10 months.
  • Min age - 8 years old.
  • Please wear outdoor clothing and a pair of boots.
  • The species of bird flown will depend on the time of year.


Where can I do it?

North West: Cheshire (Knutsford)


A day to rememberReview by Heather Rose, Manchester
Absolutely brilliant day. Staff were friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely accommodating. I messed up booking until the voucher nearly ran out but they put on an extra day for me so I wouldn't need to pay to renew the voucher. I was fascinated by and loved handling the birds, a real hands on experience. I learnt a lot and would love to go back again.

Location: Gauntlet Birds of Prey, Cheshire

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Your Questions

Your Questions

Is there a charge for spectators?
One spectator is allowed per voucher holder at an extra charge of £15, which is to be paid directly to the centre when booking your date.
How many birds will we handle?
On average you will handle/fly between 8-10 birds.

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