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The BIG DADDY Burger Challenge

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The challenge is big, the burger is bigger. Take on the Big Daddy burger challenge: a 24oz prime beef burger with delicious sides and milkshake.
Available at 2 Locations

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In Brief

  • Race to finish this mega meal, or take it steady and savour each bite.
  • Meal comprises of a 24oz beef burger, large fries, large onion rings, large coleslaw and a triple thick milkshake.
  • Finish in 20 minutes and you'll win a Blacks Burger voucher worth £20 and a t-shirt!.

What happens on the day?

Take on the Big Daddy Challenge and see if you can finish a massive 24oz burger, with accompanying fries, onion rings, coleslaw and a triple thick milkshake in just 20 minutes! Not for the faint hearted, only those with stomachs of steel can hope to succeed. Finish in the time allowed and you'll win a Blacks Burger voucher worth £20 and a t-shirt! And not have to eat again for 6 months. Remember you don't have to eat this in 20 minutes, take your time if you have a normal human digestive system and enjoy.

What else do I need to know?

  • Voucher valid for 6 months.
  • There is no age limit, just bear in mind you have to eat a large amount.
  • The restaurant is open Monday-Saturday, 12pm-10pm and Sunday 1pm-9pm.
  • All bookings must be made in advance, all dates subject to availability.
  • If you successfully complete the burger challenge alone within the time stated, collect your Blacks Burger voucher worth £20 and a t-shirt!


Where can I do it?

South East: London (Croydon)

South East: Surrey (Epsom)


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