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Cookery Courses

Try a cookery course at leading cookery schools in the UK with some of the top chefs in the business including Nigel Brown and Angela Malik. Learn new culinary skills with a cooking demonstration or hands on cookery classes including Indian curry, Thai, European and many more styles of cuisine.

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Cookery Courses

Brush up on your cooking skills or learn to make tasty treats with this wide range of cookery courses and cookery experience days. Wow your friends and fill your family with the tasty delicacies you yourself will be able to create once your course has been completed.

Cook with chocolate, find out the secrets to creating the perfect meat dish or have an afternoon making cocktails and cupcakes. These experiences are perfect for one person or as a group as part of a girly afternoon, family outing or a birthday party.

Classes are available at any time, so the sessions can fit around you. Join a day class if you have the time, or come along for an evening or weekend session. Classes are available for cooking tasty Indian, Thai and Sushi dishes and some of the classes even offer teaching by some of the world’s most renowned chefs.


All of the chefs heading up the cookery courses and experience days are highly trained and have been recognised for their fantastic abilities to cook delicious food, so whichever class you pick, you can be sure that you will be in the safest of hands.

There are, however, some more special experiences for those budding chefs amongst you who would like to learn from the very best. These chefs, such as Nigel Brown and Angela Malik (from television program the F-Word), will offer lessons in groups or more personally at their world famous culinary academies.

What can I expect from the experience days?

Unless you are informed otherwise before the session, all of your equipment and ingredients should be waiting for you when you arrive at your chosen location, so the first steps will be to put on your apron, wash your hands and prepare to dive in.

The day will then depend on the experience you have picked. It may be that you are then given a step-by-step guide on how to cook some of Britain’s favourite dishes before getting started yourself, or you will have the joy of just sitting back and watching as an expert shows you how to create exceptional dishes during a demonstration class.

Then to the most important part – the tasting! Tuck into your own creations or pass the dishes around to get a feel for which tastes best. You may even get lucky and escape the washing up afterwards!

So what kinds of experiences are on offer?

The experiences can vary from beginners’ fun courses to more intense chef sessions and you are free to choose the package that you feel you will enjoy the most. There are, for example, dessert-making courses that will teach you to cook with chocolate or create the perfect cupcakes.

Alternatively, you can immerse yourself in the cuisine and tastes of a new culture as you explore the Indian and Thai cookery classes. For the more adventurous chefs there are even Sushi classes that will allow you to master this famous Japanese dish.

Budding chefs can join one of Britain’s most famous cooking academies for lessons from top chefs and an experience day you will not forget. So much can be learned from the day that your family and friends will also be able to enjoy the experience – eating all the food you have learned to make!

Cookery courses and experience days are available at many locations all across the UK, with a cookery course likely to be just around the corner from where you live. It is worth noting that not every experience will be available at every location, so make sure you check out the different options that your local cookery school has on offer. One-off cookery classes can be as cheap as £20, but can also stretch to £200 for the whole day events, so the courses can be tailored to your price range, too.


These lessons and classes put the fun into cooking as you learn to create gorgeous desserts, tasty meals and perfectly presented dishes that will soon become family favourites. The lessons are perfect for anyone wishing to brush up on their culinary skills, as a present for a friend or for a bit of fun, and will teach you some invaluable lessons!