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Chocolate Making Experiences

Do you know someone who loves chocolate? Who doesn't! A chocolate making workshop is the perfect treat for chocoholics - take in the smells and delightful sight of chocolate as you learn how to make it and create irresistible treats.

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Guide to Chocolate Making Experiences

Is chocolate just for women?

We all know that chocolate is a girl’s best friend, so giving them the gift of actually being able to make it themselves is surely the ultimate gift for most women.

But it’s a well-known fact that men love chocolate just as much as women, they just don’t like to shout about it; so if you know either a man or woman, or maybe both (we have vouchers for two people), who adore chocolate, then a chocolate making experience may just be the perfect gift for them.

Where does the chocolate live?

We can offer locations around the UK, so you won’t have too much trouble in finding a venue which isn't too far to reach helping to make these tasty classes accessible for all chocolate lovers.

Will I get to eat the chocolate on the day?

The courses we offer are both fun and informative, teaching you about the history of chocolate whilst also demonstrating the various ways of making and decorating this delicious treat. During the lessons gorgeous samples will be handed out for you to enjoy, helping to add to this wonderful, chocolate filled afternoon.

How messy is it making chocolate?

All the best chefs make a mess, so my Mum says. Each package we have will allow some hands on fun with the chocolate, so once the demonstrations are over you will then have the chance to put into practice all that you have learnt and enjoy making some tasty, chocolatey treats and get as messy as you like.

Under the eye of an experienced tutor you will work with various forms of chocolate and other equally tasty ingredients to make some gorgeous truffles, all of which you will be able to take home with you to share with loved ones, or simply keep them to yourself and indulge when nobody’s watching!