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Lovers Leap Bungee Jump

What can be more romantic than strapping yourself to your loved one and jumping 160ft attached to a bungee rope!
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In Brief

  • Enjoy this 160ft bungee jump with your loved one.
  • Before you jump you will both be weighed so that the correct rope can be selected.
  • You will be harnessed together, face to face.
  • After your leap you will receive a small bottle of Champagne!

What happens on the day?

If you don't think that you're brave enough to take the plunge alone, then the Lovers Leap Bungee Jump allows you and your partner to leap together from an impressive 160ft high platform. You will be bound together face- to-face, so you will be able to look into each other’s eyes as you both feel masses of adrenaline coursing through your veins.

The natural high that you will both experience during and after the jump is something that you'll never beat. A bungee jump together will leave you shaking with adrenalin and grinning from ear to ear, and what better way to celebrate your jump than with a small bottle of champagne which will be waiting for you when you land. This is a uniquely romantic and exciting day that you and your partner will remember for some time to come.

What else do I need to know?

  • Voucher valid for 10 months for two people.
  • Available on selected dates, some locations are not available all year.
  • A £30 upgrade fee is required to use this voucher at London locations (paid to the operator).
  • Max Combined Weight: 209 kg.
  • Min Age: 14 (under 16's require parent or guardian's signed permission - over 50's require a doctor's certificate).
  • Unsuitable for anyone with the following: high blood pressure, dizziness, heart condition, epilepsy, asthma, pregnancy, diabetes or neurological conditions.
  • You must seek medical advice and obtain a certificate if you have damage to your back, neck, ankles, legs or eyes.
  • Inform the operator if you are taking medication.
  • Anyone presenting a doctor's certificate must sign a non standard waiver.


Where can I do it?

Midlands: Warwickshire (Cliff)

North West: Greater Manchester (Salford)

Scotland: Lanarkshire (Glasgow)

South East: Berkshire (Maidenhead)

South East: East Sussex (Hove)

South West: Avon (Bristol)


Great experienceReview by Pidge, West Midlands
I've always wanted to do a bungee jump and thought the couples jump would be a great present for my adrenaline junkie boyfriend. I was really surprised that I enjoyed the jump so much because normally I don't like heights. It ended up being an amazing day and a unique memory to share with my boyfriend :)

Location: Warwickshire
Such an amazing giftReview by Stacey, Northants
The bungee jump staff were so friendly and helped reassure my boyfriend who is scared of heights. During the jump we loved every minute of it, particularly my boyfriend which surprised me! We got some fabulous photos from the jump and overall it was such a memorable experience.

Location: Manchester
Amazing!Review by Sarah, Portsmouth
When I bought this voucher I made sure to bring my boyfriend because I knew if I went on my own I'd chicken out! When we got there the weather was pretty bad, (very windy!) so the instructor advised us to do two solo jumps which would be easier to control than tandem jumps. It was so nervewrecking jumping on my own but once I did I absolutely LOVED it! The free bottle of bubbly at the end helped too ;) Will definitely do it again, and a massive thanks to the instructors for helping me stay (relatively) calm! :)

Location: Hove
AMAZING BUNGEEReview by philosopher292, London
I booked a tandem bungee jump for me and my girlfriend and it was awesome! All of the team were very professional and friendly; really nice people. Also I really appreciated that they let us have a quick breather before we jumped because my girlfriend was a bit nervous. But so glad we did it! Thanks for a really great present.

Location: London
A surprising Valentine's DayReview by Jodi Kipling, Slough
Very surprised when I opened my Valentine's Day card to find that hubby had bought me tandem bungee jump. Not what I was expecting! To be honest I was more than a little apprehensive - but then so was hubby ;) Turned out to be a really great present, much more memorable than an overpriced meal. We took the leap of faith and both screamed the whole way down. It was a really great experience, huge amount of fun...I couldn't recommend it highly enough. And the Champagne when at the bottom topped it off nicely.

Location: Maidenhead
Much better than flowers or chocolate!Review by Sally Macken, Glasgow
When my boyfriend told me we were doing something "unusual" for our anniversary I was worried and as soon as I saw the 170ft drop i wanted to turn around and go home. After a bit of convincing from my man and the promise of champagne after i decided to do it - after all how often do you get to bungee jump with the love of your life!? Not only was it romantic but such an adrenaline rush and I was happy my boyfriend had been creative and thought about an amazing way to celebrate our anniversary. I will certainly never forget this day!

Location: Glasgow
Surprisingly romantic!Review by Rachel Burton, Oldham
Who knew that bungee jumping could be so romatic? Granted, fear was the biggest emotion I felt before the 170ft fall - but it certainly helped that I wasn't doing the experience alone. In fact, the two of us felt quite a sense of achievement once the jump was completed - and I reckon my husband was secretly more scared than I was (he kept his eyes closed, hehe). What a great, if unusual, Valentine's experience (the sense of romance was certainly boosted with the arrival of the post-jump Champagne!). Would highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for a real - and thrilling - Valentine's Day treat.

Location: Manchester

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