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Bungee Jumping Experience

Nothing raises the adrenaline or excites the bones quite like a bungee jump.
Available at 9 Locations

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In Brief

  • You will be weighed on arrival so the correct rope can be used for you.
  • Once in the cage, you will be taken the 160ft in the air.
  • When you're ready it's time to take the plunge and jump!
  • Video footage of your jump, photos of your experience and other merchandise will be available for purchase on the day.

What happens on the day?

With the help of a crane you can enjoy an exhilarating bungee jump from locations across the UK. Be lifted up, attached to a big stretchy rope, and then try and find some joy in the experience as you bungee your way down 160 feet.

On arrival there will be the small formality of a registration form, then you’ll be weighed to ensure the correct rope is used and kitted out in a harness. After that it’s up in the bungee cage to await the big moment and an experience that has thrilled people the world over.

What else do I need to know?

  • Voucher valid for 10 months for 1 person.
  • Most locatoins are available throughout the year with around 120 jump dates. Some locations only jump once a year.
  • There is a £15 upgrade fee (payable to the operator) to use this voucher at London locations.
  • Min age is 14 years, with 14 and 15 year olds requiring parental or guardian consent to take part. Over 50s will not be permitted to jump without a doctors certificate.
  • Max weight - 120kg.
  • Not suitable for anyone who suffers from high blood pressure, dizziness, heart condition, epilepsy, asthma, pregnancy, diabetes or neurological conditions.
  • Medical advice should be sought and a medical certificate provided prior to the jump if you suffer from damage to the neck, ankles, back or eyes. Advise the operator if you take any form of medication.
  • Dress comfortably, appropriate to the weather conditions (there may be no shelter).


Where can I do it?

East: Cambridgeshire (Huntingdon)

Midlands: Staffordshire (Tamworth)

North West: Greater Manchester (Salford)

Northern Ireland: County Antrim (Belfast)

Scotland: Lanarkshire (Glasgow)

South East: Berkshire (Maidenhead)

South East: East Sussex (Brighton)

South East: London (Greenwich)

South West: Avon (Bristol)


I found the nerve!Review by Sheila B, Weston Super Mare
I’d always wanted to do a bungee jump but had never had the nerve to actually do it. When I saw the price for this experience I thought this was my big chance to do it once and for all and luckily my wife thought the same! As soon as we turned up at the venue I could feel the adrenalin flowing but was made to feel comfortable by the crew and the other people taking part. From start to finish the day was a real experience and for anyone who is thinking about doing a jump I’d tell them to get out there and just do it like we did!

Location: Bristol

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Your Questions

Your Questions

I just wondered if you had any more details on the Birmingham location for this experience?
This experience takes place at Cliff, Warwickshire.

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